Only 100 Will Be Sold!

Direct from my club act, this is my handling for Annemann's
classic Fourth Dimensional Telepathy.  It's a professional
routine designed by me for the working performer.  So why
the high price and what makes this version different?

This routine is the cornerstone of the act I currently  and
regularly perform and that's the main reason for the price.
I have no plans to take it out and replace it with something
else.  Another reason is that, though this is a classic, I
really don't want to start an upsurge of everyone doing this
which will force me to replace the routine with something
else.  And I'll also mention that I only do four routines in
my club act and the cost of this manuscript is far less than
a fourth of the price I get paid for one show. I've already
been getting flack from some professionals that this is
underpriced or that I shouldn't sell it yet.  But that's why
I decided it should be a limited edition.

I must say that I was never a fan of Fourth Dimensional
Telepathy (4DT) because I felt far too many people knew the
secret.  But then I performed it once, just for fun, and it
went over strongly.  So, I tailored it to my needs.  There
were a few conditions that I discovered I had to have in the

No forcing - I wanted my audience to able to experience my
routine again and again and know that each time would be
different.  To accomplish this I use a well-known move in
mentalism and have received enthusiastic permission from the
move's creator to include it in this manuscript for those
few who are unfamiliar with it.

Returned billets - After discovering that this had to be an
element (that story is in the manuscript), I wanted a
simple, easy-to-do, angle-proof technique that would allow
me to return each participant's billet after I revealed the
information.  And I will also tip this:  All the "dirty"
work is done in a jacket pocket under the guise of simply
returning materials to it.  That's why nothing can be seen
and why the moves are so easy to do.

Little to no preparation - This routine can be done
completely impromptu.  If you have envelopes, billets, and
pencils, you're ready to go.  However, I do pre-fold my
billets and I do prepare one of those billets, but it isn't
absolutely necessary.  Also, I should mention that I use #3
coin envelopes and this is essential to the workings of the

Consistent phases - Bob Cassidy's handling of 4DT has been
hailed as the best.  It's certainly logical and brilliant,
but I dislike that every phase is different in the handling
of the information.  I wanted to be able to do the same
thing with each and every billet.  Admittedly, it's because
the less I need to remember the more chance I have that I
won't screw it up.  That's why I feel that my version is
much more elegant and smoother in execution.

Solving problems - Since I've been performing this for quite
some time, I've encountered many "issues" that occur.  These
"issues" and how I solve them during performances are
discussed in this manuscript. I also have included
variations for walkaround, and for stage or longer sets
(meaning more than three participants).

Finally, I must mention that one component I deliberately
left out of the book was my personal presentation.  My
presentation was created to fit my unique persona.  Sharing
it will not be productive as this presentation will probably
not be suited towards you.  What would be better is if I
concluded with a section on how to adapt the routine to your
needs.  That way you'll be able to come up with a unique
presentation that your audience will find memorable and

Please remember that this is a limited edition.  Each book
is numbered and signed.  I will sell only 100.  Next year,
or in future years, if demand warrants, I may decide to
print some more and they may or may not be at a higher
price.  Again, I'm not saying I will, but I reserve the
right to be able to.  I do suspect that this initial run
will sell out quickly, though.

This is a 40-page perfect bound 6"x9" book, complete with
photos from my performances.  Most importantly, you're
purchasing a working performer's handling of a classic
routine which is versatile enough to apply to any
presentation of 4DT, including Bob Cassidy's.

SPECIAL BONUS: As an additional bonus, and because I want to
help each one of the original purchasers of JE4 get the most
of it that they can, a free bonus coupon is included that
entitled you to a free 30-minute coaching session to help
you adapt this routine to your own style or persona.  This
is easily a $100 value just by itself.  The session is not
limited to the discussion of JE4, either.  If you want to
discuss other routines or topics, then you're more than
welcome to do that, too. There is no expiration date, nor a
time limit, for this offer.  Yeah, I know, I'm crazy.  This
bonus alone is worth the cost of this booklet.  But I'm a
high school English teacher.  I can't help it.

"I'm not easily impressed with most of the mentalism that's
released  today, because most of it is produced by people
who don't perform for the public. Jheff's routine and
handling of this Annemann classic is not only real-deal
stuff that's been performed LIVE, it's brilliantly thought
out. Jheff provides not only superior handling, but very
well thought-out staging that makes sense. I especially
loved the fact that the audience does NOT seal the
envelopes, speeding up the routine, as well as... well... I
can't tip any more of that! If you're looking for a working
professional routine that's been tried, tested and honed, I
very  sincerely recommend you get this routine. Annemann
would have loved it, I'm sure."         
Stuart Cumberland

"Everyone is always looking for a real world routine.  This
is one that will fit your needs. Jheff has covered all the
fine points in this routine. He not only tells you what
works, but what doesn't work. And he does something that
you'll seldom see in other books -- he actually talks about
his mistakes when performing this effect and how he got out
of them. That's the kind of information that sometimes is
more valuable than the actual effect.  JE4 is a practical
and entertaining version of the classic 4th Dimensional
Telepathy and definitely worth putting into your arsenal."       
Greg Arce