Taiwan Ben

As known to everyone, the magicians have been figured out
how the berglas effect works since many years ago. If you
were still looking for the one you do not disappointed, I
would like to present you the Be"n"glas effect that will be
your favortie version.

This Product Features:

NO Stooges.
Instant Reset.
No deck switches.
Any Bicycle Deck can be used.
The deck of cards can be examined.
The wallet can be seen or put on the spectator's hand before
the process.
Two spectator chosen their numbers at random.
Any Card can be your prediction.

Additional variations:

Two spectators are asked to name the number and the 3rd
spectator choose any card

A sealed deck of card possibly.

Includes all props, full instructions and variations.

"The method is brilliant and joy to work with, a new weapon
for working Pro."
- Albert Tam, FISM Asia Board President

"Ben's variation of the classic plot is practical and a real
worker. One for me!"
- Jeremy Pei, Singapore

Obviously, whoever wrote the blurb is not an experienced
writer of English, but that doesn't detract from the quality
or strengths of this. The presentation is simple enough. A
wallet is handed to a participant to hold. A number is
chosen by two participants. A deck of cards is introduced.
The cards are dealt one at a time until the chosen number is
reached and the card at that number has been "freely"
selected. The wallet is then opened. An envelope is
removed. Inside is a card which is shown and it matches the
chosen selection.

As mentioned in the blurb, this is inspired by the famous
Berglas Effect. This version features the use of a regular
deck of cards, which you must supply. And let's just say
that everything else is not necessarily examinable, and that
includes the wallet and prediction cards that you get in
this package.

While these factors are considerations, it hardly means that
I feel that this is an inferior version of the effect. Far
from it, in fact. This is, indeed, a quite practical and
powerful version. The selection of the number uses a bit of
verbal manipulation, and is not quite as free as other
variations, but it seems absolutely free to any lay person.
While not a new technique, it is still quite effective.

The design and workmanship of the wallet, which is
Shogun-style, is good, though not enough that I would use it
as a regular everyday wallet. The instructions, which are
printed on a single sheet of paper and which needs an editor
who is fluent in English, can be still be understood. There
is no accompanying DVD.

The bottom line is that if you want a very strong version of
this and don't mind using gimmicked items, then you'll be
quite pleased with this. Everything you need to perform
this is included in the package, except for a deck of cards.