Paolo Cavalli

Here we go with the next book of The Cavalli Files: Volume

Paolo's brilliant 2005 book which received recommendations
like this when it first came out:

"SIGMA is a fantastic a "full time / real world" gets my highest recommendation! It is filled
with TONS or great "workers". His ending for "chairvelopes"
is VERY VERY VERY clever...I will definitely be using this
in my show..."
-Cody S. Fisher

Now the actual print has even a foreword by the brilliant
Colin McLeod!

The contents of Paolo's 'SIGMA' are the following:
Coinport, E-Wave, C.K.C. Planet Earth, Corinda 2005
Outdone!, Any Card, Any Number, The E.C.P. Principle, Shades
Of Mind, A Penny For Your Thoughts, Beer-It Twice, Dove- It
Out, N.G.R.R., Death Warrant II°, W.D.W. Book Test, Pun,
Random Thoughts and Bonus Experiments

Here is what the brilliant Greg Arce wrote about Paolo's
book in 2005:

Coinport - loved the idea. Great mix of ideas and methods.

E-Wave is a great study in the art of equivoque.

C.K.C Planet Earth is another great rendition of the Out of
This World premise... something to use in the real world
when you want to prove your powers.

E.C.P. Principles is a devastating idea that you can now
apply to many other effects. Paolo already supplies two
great routines using this principle in Sigma.

Shades of Mind will test your courage in mentalism. Paolo
gives you the weapons and how to use them, but you must now
go out to the performing world and use these weapons with
courage. I like this kind of thinking!

Penny For Your Thoughts is Paolo's new brilliant take and
method for a chair prediction. Devious and fun to do!

Beer It Twice is a nice way to start a show or a longer
presentation and proves you know your volunteer's choices.
Great mix of two methods!

Dove-it Out is a great approach to the Roulette idea. I'm
fond of this one because I too worked out a similar
principle and I'm glad to see someone else is playing around
with it. Of course, I knew Paolo would hit on the idea too
because we seem to think alike... maybe we were separated at

N.G.R.R. follows that same route of the Russian Roulette
premise and again it follows a path I have tried out myself.
This is a dramatic and easy way to show you will face
danger, but be aware, it's not for the absentminded

Death Warrant II is a strong routine that uses many
principles together to cancel out all the possible
solutions. For those that like a bit of the bizarre then
this one is for you.

W.D.W. Book test is a new method to do an impromptu book
test... anywhere and with any book... all you need is a pen
or pencil and you are set to go. This one should be put in
everyone's arsenal.

PUN is one of my favorites in this book. I love word
association games and so I know I'll put this effect to use
almost immediately.

But Paolo does not stop with the above mentioned effects, he
continues to give you bits and pieces from other ideas...
from a Radar Deck idea to a subtle idea for his Chairvelopes
to an idea to use with Maven's Autome to another book test
idea to a great verbal misdirection idea to simplify a
Technicolor Prediction and then another book test idea that
allows for a drawing dupe.

What can I say? Another book from Paolo that is loaded with
ideas that no only will you use... you absolutely must use

This is the third in the series of handsome new editions of
Paolo Cavalli's e-books which have been unavailable for
quite some time now. If you've not discovered the work of
Paolo Cavalli (famous for his presence on the Magic Cafe
under the name of "Lord of Horses"), this is an excellent
time to start. Paralabs is re-releasing all of his
published work in these new editions, including a two-volume
set of unpublished work.

The contents of SIGMA (6" x 9", 111-page softbound) are
detailed above in the comments by Greg Arce. And, as I
wrote about the first two editions (UPSILON, OMICRON), even
if you bought the previos e-book versions, I urge you to buy
this new edition and support Paolo. If you don't already
have these, then I will also re-state that I envy you at the
delight you will have discovering the very clever material
and thinking within these pages. Definitely recommended.

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