Paolo Cavalli

Here we go with the next book of THE CAVALLI FILES: VOLUME

What The Flytrap Gimmick actually is in Paolo's very own

It's a simple, but multi-purpose gizmo that allows you to:

- Switch an object (flat or 3D) with another object in one
single pass/move (a covert movement, btw)
- Load an object only
- Drop an object only

It is made with 3 common items almost anyone have in their
houses (or offices) and, the cost for the making of this
invisible jewel can be between $3 and $7!

Here are the facts:
A complete discussion of the Fly Trap device, its
construction, and its use. And [more than 100] pages of

Joshua Quinn
A mind reading miracle that is out of this world (well it
uses the stars)

3 by Greg Arce (pun 3-fly)
An imaginary holiday, a confabulation routine, and a triple

5 by Bruce Ballon
Bizarre magic mixed with mentalism, all very clever, well
constructed and unique.

These are three of the best minds in the field. And their
contributions to this book are excellent.

Paolo Cavalli is a genius! Master performer, writer,
creator, and innovator. This device is further proof.

Paolo's device is simplicity in action. Easy to construct,
use, and integrate into your Arsenal (sorry Greg could not
resist). When you read about this you may smack yourself on
the head and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" One reason,
you�re not Paolo Cavalli.
- Tony Iacoviello

Jerome Finley wrote:
I've just finished reading "The Flytrap Experience" and am
extremely happy with it and very impressed. All of the
contributors have done an excellent job and the ebook is
filled with dynamite routines, ideas and applications for
this clever, clever device.

As a utility, the flytrap has managed to solve some of the
problems and issues I've run into with various effects and
pieces. So cheap and EASY to make (in a matter of minutes
and for a buck or two!), a performer could not go wrong with
this purchase. When we take into account the monies being
offered to charity and the fact that neither Paolo or the
contributors HAD TO do this, it becomes an even more welcome
addition and one that you should all be very proud of.

If Paolo has taught me anything, it is that simplicity is
key and the direct route is often best. The Flytrap is a
perfect example of his thinking, and what an effective tool
to use! I've been playing and working with mine all day, and
the possibilities are unfolding in heaps before me.

... To Greg Arce, Bruce Ballon, Joshua Quinn, Eddie Garland
and Paolo Cavalli . . . THANK YOU!!!... This is a fantastic
offering and highly recommended.

Jerome Finley

PLUS exclusively for those who already got themselves the
first three volumes of the Cavalli Files series and order
the third one as well we offer an additional bonus ebook

ELEMENTS OF DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES is a brilliant collection
(over 40 pages) of three dark and bizarre routines from Dr.
Spector. But again: This bonus is exclusively for those who
get themselves ALL four actual volumes of The Cavalli Files
- Upsilon, Omicron, SIGMA and now The Flytrap as well. So
you shouldn't miss this. ;)

The fourth volume of Paolo Cavalli's work features a unique
gimmick that is easy enough to make and will inspire
countless routines. Some brilliant ideas using this gimmick
by Cavalli, Greg Arce, Bruce Ballon, and Joshua Quinn are
included, but, as you probably expect me to say, its use is
limited only by your imagination.

As the blurb indicates, the function of the gimmick is to
allow for switching an object, as well as loading or
dropping objects. And though the original e-book was
published about five years ago, the materials are still
widely available and the gimmick still just as invaluable
and useful. This 136 page softbound edition is certainly a
must for fans of Cavalli's work and highly recommended to
other pros. If you're not familiar with his work, you can
certainly get this one if you haven't gotten the others
(though you should!).

At the time of this writing, if you order this book as well
as the previous three, you get a bonus e-book of bizarre
routines by Dr. Spector.

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