Richard Mark & Marc Salem

Do you want to provide powerful entertainment and astound
audiences with your mentalism? Become a Mindreading
Phenomena using the incredible CEREBRATE!

Close up, platform or stage this secret system provides a
mystifying experience as close to real mindreading as you
can get. It can be customized to your performance persona
and performed before one person or a filled auditorium.

It has been tested in performance and allows you to read
thoughts, perform a book test with any book, a telepathic
character reading and perform a Q & A in real time with
nothing written or prearranged without the use of hidden
gimmicks. All the details are contained in this 35 page 8x11
book, practice laminates, video downloads and additional


Here is what the experts say about CEREBRATE:

"Cerebrate is a diabolical enhancement of a classic
principle. Practical and deceptive in application"
- Ken Weber

"From the minds of two of the most creative guys in
mentalism, Richard Mark and Marc Salem, Cerebrate is a well
crafted system that works perfectly in completely impromptu
situations and is equally suitable for stage and platform
work. There's absolutely no doubt that I will make
productive use of the system in my own shows - and I predict
that serious mentalists everywhere will find themselves
doing the same. Highly recommended."
- Bob Cassidy

When Richard Mark and Marc Salem, two creative giants in the
field of mentalism, release a product, you can be guaranteed
that it is worth getting sight-unseen. Having seen this, I
can tell you that it doesn't disappoint.

However, the blurb is rather vague on what it is. There are
actually two different effects that are under the umbrella
of one hidden system category and a number of well-known
principles involved and explored. Actually, more than just
two different effects are discussed and are possible, but
two effects are focused on. Let me briefly describe those
two effects.

The first, which is arguably the "main" effect, involves
having a number of participants merely think of items on a
list. It is a completely free choice. By merely asking
them to concentrate on a couple of details about the items,
the performer is able to correctly tell each participant
what is being thought-of.

The second effect deals with a free choice of an item from a
list and then the participant is given a group of additional
lists. If the item is on the list it is focused upon.
Nothing needs to be said. The performer can then reveal
what is being thought of.

As some may suspect, these are principles, which should be
well-known to all experienced mentalists, have been notably
explored by Leo Boudreau and Al Mann, among others. Devin
Knight explored some of these principles in his recent FOUR
TOLD, but this version is significantly better as it
addresses what I feel was flawed in that routine.

Also, I'm sure that experienced mentalists may recognize
that the principles of the old Magic Age cards are also
examined. Richard and Marc have taken these ideas to a more
professional level. Eddie Joseph's "Starology," a long
out-of-print manuscript is reprinted in the booklet.
Frankly, this alone is worth the price of this book. And
Richard and Marc explain how to adapt and customize the
Joseph effect to your needs.

The book itself is an 8.5" x 11", thirty-four page book with
a full color cover. Included is a set of cards that one can
use for one of the effects described in the book. It also
includes the laminated list for one of the versions of the
first, or main, effect. I should also point out that the
topics also include how to use this system to perform a
impromptu book test with any borrowed book and a Q&A

Most importantly, you get access to a link that will allow
you to get updated info and discussions, not to mention
videos of Marc Salem performing CEREBRATE, plus further
explorations of this system. Even more invaluable is that
you will be able to talk to Marc Salem about any aspect of
this that you need to discuss, including how to customize it
for your needs.

To point out considerations, the work explored on the "Magic
Age" principles is solid and certainly useful, but I don't
feel it is as cutting-edge or innovative as the other
material in the book. Also, the style in which this is
written may be confusing for the novice, or for one who is
not experienced with the use of these classic principles,
and who may need examples and clarification. This point is
minor because the aforementioned access link should help
tremendously in understanding the material and, as said,
provides a link to Marc Salem who will provide examples and

Richard Mark and Marc Salem have lovingly explored classic
underrated principles and come up with fresh, versatile, and
professional routines, not to mention an exciting
exploration of the subject. Definitely recommended.