David Penn

"The Final Answer In Coin Bending!"
Morgan Strebler

When David Penn released his Coinvexed coin bending gimmick,
it established itself as the number one choice for
professional magicians and mentalists all over the world.
Coinvexed Third Generation takes the project even further
with an improved gimmick and a DVD featuring three real
world working routines.

In David Penn's double coin bend routine, a spectator signs
a coin, which can be borrowed. Then something very
extraordinary happens as they feel the coin bend within
their own hands. The reactions for this are incredible as
the coin is also signed! A second signed coin then bends
whilst being isolated under their palm, on a table top. The
spectator can then keep the coins as a souvenir, which
freezes the moment for them forever.

No switches! The coins that the spectator has signed are the
same coins that bend. Only the coins and the sharpie are
seen and the sharpie can be used by the spectator to sign
the coin. No special chemicals! Just diabolically clever
gimmicks that hide in full view.

Get ready to unleash the ultimate signed coin bend on your
audience! Reactions are guaranteed!

"Just when I thought my favourite coin bending gimmick
couldn't get any better, David Penn has literally shattered
my expectations! The new 'Coinvexed Double Coin Bend'
routine is the final answer in coin bending! It is going
straight into my set! This will be the first new material
from another artist in my show, for two years. It's that
damn good!"
Morgan Strebler

"That's F###ing Awesome! Can I Get That Now?"
David Blaine

"This takes the original (and great!) Coinvexed tool and
gives it an extra 50%. The original was very clever but this
just takes the biscuit!"
James Brown - Winner of The Magic Circle Close Up Magician
of the Year

"In short, this is superb. The ultimate solution to the
bending coin plot. It ticks all the right boxes -
commercial, deceptive and extremely memorable. Very highly
Rob James - Review for http://www.magicweek.co.uk

This new version of the bestselling coin bending effect is
certainly a major improvement over the previous two in both
design and functionality. When using the gimmicks, it
appears as if you simply have some coins in your pocket and
a Sharpie pen. Yet within these items you secretly have the
ability to make it appear as if coins bend.

The gimmicks certainly look and are organic. You must use
your own Sharpie and add something special to it that is
included in the package. The other item may require some
preparation, but that depends on the type of coins in your
country and, if preparation is necessary, involves gluing.
This is a one-time set-up.

Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail about the exact
differences and improvements. However, I can say that some
of the issues that I heard regarding the earlier versions
have been addressed in this version. Also, some preferred
the earlier gimmick to be a different metallic color, but if
one prepares the gimmick as called for in the instructions,
this really is a non-issue.

The routine itself is like most coin-bending routines. The
performer takes out a handful of coins and offers the
participant one or two of them, unless the participant would
like to use his or her own coins. A Sharpie is handed to
the participant who marks both coins and then holds them in
between both hands. The performer moves his hands around
the participants and talks about heat being generated and
imagining coins being bent. The participant's hands are
then opened and one of the coins has bent. This can be
repeated with the other coin. The coins can be freely

Like the earlier versions of this, it is a bit knacky to get
the "move" down, but not difficult. And the main feature of
this is that just about any coin can be used. The only real
consideration is that, though the gimmicks look like items
one would have in your pocket, they are heavier.

Everything comes in a handsomely packaged box which includes
the two gimmicks and an instructional DVD. You'll have to
supply your own Sharpie and you need to do a one-time
preparation of one of the gimmicks, which involves a bit of
gluing. This is certainly one of the better gimmicked
methods of bending a borrowed coin.