Nathan Kranzo
Suggested Retail Price $25

"Brilliant!!!" - David Penn

"Fantastic AND it's a magician fooler!!! - Craig Petty

Have you ever wanted to produce a NAMED or THOUGHT OF CARD
from your pocket instantly?

I'm talking BAM. No palming and no pocket index. I've got an
answer. You'll love it.

This is a routine STRAIGHT from Nathan Kranzo's Stand Up

There are several ways to reveal the card. For example NAMED
card to Envelope, pocket, fly etc.


Special Note:

This does NOT use an index. You do NOT have to fumble around
to look for the card.

Ok here's the deal...

Nathan Kranzo created a special lecture in Michigan on
February 18, 2010. He decided to tip the routine and make up
the gaffs for the first time for this special lecture and
the response was overwhelming.

As you can see by the clip not only is it funny but VERY
strong. The laughs start coming as soon as you say you are
going to send the color with your mind...and then you wipe
your forehead with a red handkerchief. It only gets better
from there. So many funny things will happen when you
perform this.

You'll have so much fun with this.

Let's talk about the good points for this first and then
I'll rip into the bad. The package comes with a red
handkerchief and a set of gimmicked decks. For the price,
it's not a bad deal for the card set.

Unfortunately, everything else about this just rubs me
really wrong. In brief, the packaging and thought behind
this product are lazy and shameless. The actual method
itself is not Nathan Kranzo's and he certainly doesn't hide
that fact in the instructions. Also, most of the routine's
components are not original, either.

Since the method is not Kranzo's and since you're basically
buying a utility prop, I'm going to reveal that this a set
of two red and blue-blacked Mene-Tekel decks. I will not
explain how they work or what they are, but knowledgeable
professionals should know.

I mention this because I was quite confused on the necessity
for a dual color backed set, as opposed to a mono-color one,
given the included routines. If I were a novice, or
unfamiliar with these props, I may be utterly confused as to
how to actually use them.

The one page, double-sided, instructions are very skimpy, to
say the least. Professionals would certainly understand
what's going on, although I would think many professionals
would be familiar with most of the ideas presented here.
Also, the two decks I got were not set properly. Not
knowing that would definitely confuse anyone not familiar
with these props.

The instructions contain three routines, most being
described in two or three paragraphs. "She Did It" is an
any card named appears in a sealed envelope routine. "Yedid
It Again" is similar, but one face-down card is shown in the
breast pocket. A participant names a card and the card is
shown to be the chosen one.

Kranzo's apparent routine of choice is "The Mind Reading
Crotch," in which a freely chosen card appears in ... well,
you know. The entire routine is described in two
paragraphs, which is hardly enough. There is a video of the
routine, but that is edited, and may be confusing to those
who wish to use the gag-filled routine. More importantly,
though there is a nicely written history of the props, there
are no details on how to work them or how to use the
duo-color component of the decks.

The bottom line is that I cannot recommend this to anyone
who is unfamiliar with a Mene-Tekel Deck. And, for those
who are familiar with it, I would recommend it only if you
are professional and know a use for them. The routines
included, which are more like thumbnail ideas than complete
and useable routines, won't be of much use to the working
professional mentalist.

If you do know what a Mene-Tekel is, and you need a
ready-made set for a routine you already have in mind, then
this is set is fairly priced. Oh, along with the decks and
instruction sheet, you do get a red silk which is not
gimmicked and used for a gag in the Mind Reading Crotch