Dale A. Hildebrandt

WARNING!!! PLEASE NOTE: The author, publisher, editor,
and/or seller of this ebook and anyone else connected to
this ebook in any way, shape, or manner, shall not be
responsible for your use or misuse of the information in
this manuscript.. This leaves YOU as the sole person
responsible for your use or misuse of this information.

Warning: Many magicians and mentalists will NOT like this
ebook as it deals with subjective realities brought to light
in a very forthcoming manner.

Foreword by Brad Gordon
A Few Words from Oliver Meech
Prologue by Luca Volpe
Preface by Bruce Ballon
Introduction by Jerome Finley

My most controversial manuscript yet. Drawing from
everything from Alchemy to Zen, you'll also find a heavy
dose of information on techniques and processes involving
Energy Work, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Reiki,
the Ichazo Mentations, Carlos Castaneda's Work, and more!
This is the real work on Real Work; I truly believe in these
concepts and find these processes/rituals/techniques to
belong in the category of my toolbox for 'Sacred Tricks'.

How'd you like to learn not only the outline but how to do a
1 hour 30 minute lecture/seminar on Rapport? 'MY RAPPORT
LECTURE' alone could earn back the price of this manuscript
if presented and marketed correctly.

How would you feel about using resistance to hypnotic
process as the hypnotic process itself? (In other words,
you're utilizing resistance to create a deep trance!)

Taking inspiration from my Hand Bluffs and One Hotter Coin,
combined with some new conceptual frameworks, you can
demonstrate how hot your hand can become - as if you were a
Reiki Master, heat will emanate from your palm when done

Take a participant on a one-minute mind/body trip that could
impact them FOREVER!

Learn 5 Kinds of Hypnotic Inductions; giving you flexibility
for inducing trance!

Find out my coveted technique for getting people to stop
smoking in 'The Lighter Interrupt 1'! Apparently make the
moon shrink! Learn a highly-guarded opening loop / opener
that leads into a highly guarded closed loop / closer for a
unique night of mentalism! Learn the 7 Relationship Keys as
well as the Seven Bodies of a Human Being - and how to use
both systems to enhance relationships and use subtle
energies among other amazing feats!

Find out why 'The Energy Dart Game' is my favorite social
pastime while in a shopping mall or just out and about in
general! The Energy Dart will put a smile on many faces!

Turn simple coins into an entire MENTALISM/READING ACT with
'My Penny Act'!

1st edition 2013, 184 pages.

First off, this book is by no means little, red, or silver.
I know this is minor, but since I do try to peel back the
truth in the ad blurbs, I could not overlook mentioning this
little bit of news regarding the "faux" titling out of the
way. I don't want anyone purchasing this wondering why this
book is not little, red, or silver. It's actually a
downloadable PDF and it's 184 pages long. For an e-book,
this one is not "little."

If you're a fan of Jerome Finley, Neil Scryer, or Kenton
Knepper, then you'll enjoy this book and get many invaluable
ideas from it. The key section from the blurb to knowing
whether this book will be useful to you is this: "Drawing
from everything from Alchemy to Zen, you'll also find a
heavy dose of information on techniques and processes
involving Energy Work, Neurolinguistic Programming,
Hypnosis, Reiki, the Ichazo Mentations, Carlos Castaneda's
Work, and more!" From that, it is easy to correctly deduce
that the concepts presented here require a knowledgeable and
experienced performer in order to properly perform these.

This book is definitely not for the beginner. Many of the
key concepts are not explained. If you're unfamiliar with
the basics of hypnosis or NLP, for example, Hildebrandt does
not stop and fill you in with the necessary information
needed to successfully perform them.

There are forty-three separate sections, ranging in length
from a brief paragraph to pages of detailed notes. There is
a table of contents so that you could easily reference ideas

That said, the version that I read was not edited (or edited
well), nor formatted. The font was plain. It is more like
a notebook as there were several places where section
headings were at the bottom of the page and the text began
on the next page following. And, though I personally found
this and the grammatical mistakes bothersome (remember, I am
an English teacer), the material was still quite
understandable. As I said, that was the version that Dale
sent me for review, and so these points may be moot if the
version you get is different.

The material is the main point and the key is that this is
very advanced material and not material that will fit every
performer. If this type of material suits your style (and,
please, that's a very important consideration), then this
will be worth every penny as you will no doubt find many
good ideas and routines to incorporate into your repertoire.

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