Dr. Bill

"I use my own Perfected Center Tear all the time. But I have
to tell you this; I use a piece of paper from my pad. When I
saw how clean Bill�s version looked with a business card, I
had to learn it too. It is smart to have a variety of
methods at your disposal. Dr. Bill�s Billet Tear is top
notch and as good as it gets. If it means anything from a
guy who has been ripping paper up for most of his life, take
my advice and get this!" - Richard Osterlind

What should you look for in a Center Tear? As little as
possible! On that note:
"Here's a word I think describes the pinnacle of billet work
of all kinds, MUNDANE. Do not be afraid or disappointed. By
mundane, I mean that it is an everyday looking occurrence.
Harmless, normal, unremarkable...so simple and honest
looking it IS only WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. And that's what you
see with the good Dr.'s tear. Seeing someone use it looks
mundane. Like they are doing exactly and precisely nothing
but ripping up small folded pieces of paper or card. The
technique involved is as simple as can be, honest looking
and gives you plenty to look at! I have thoroughly enjoyed
learning and using this - it's taken the place of the other
CTs in my repertoire."
- Iain Dunford

A piece of paper or card holding a secret thought folded
safely within, is torn straight down the middle, once in
each direction. Tear a third time if you wish.

The peek may be instant or delayed. Your choice.

"The Dr's Billet Tear gets my highest recommendation and
final endorsement as the best, most practical and
undetectable center tear in history. Yet another amazing
addition to the new generation of ultra-smooth billet work,
this one is simply too good to miss! I've been using TDBT
exclusively in my own private shows and public performances
and several months in I'm still unable to find even a single
fault in its psychology, timing, construction, execution and
nearly infinite applications to everything I do ."
- Jerome Finley

Use business cards, index cards or paper. Whichever you
choose, it is simply folded in quarters; no steps, no flaps,
no worries.

TDBT is versatile. While in essence an "instant access" CT,
there is a small variation allowing for a delay that you
will find very useful in many performing situations.

"The tear that I have been using for years has been moved to
second in my arsenal. The Dr's Billet Tear is now my first
- Tony Razzano

"The Dr's Billet Tear really caught me by surprise! I was
fortunate enough to get to experiment with this for several
months and it has replaced all the other tears I used in my
shows. I have to admit I never would have believed a tear
could be this quick and practical, I thought the concept had
been pretty much explored to death and then Dr. Bill comes
up with this! What a great way to improve upon a classic
- Mauricio Jaramillo

The sequence itself is taught in 10 pages, including 18
"ParaLab style" illustrations by Thomas Heine making
everything crystal clear and classy. This may not only be
the best, but the easiest tear you will ever learn and
perform. In its simplicity lie its strengths.

"Ahh, Dr. Bill has been at it again. I believe I've been
with him on this since the first tear and all the way to the
final peek. Now don't take that wrong.... I didn't create
this tear in any way, but I was there as Dr. Bill worked on
The Dr's Billet Tear, confirming its ease and utility in my
own performances with it.

The ride has been a lot of fun and, in the end, I now have a
great tear that I use regularly. Dr. Bill has created the
type of tear I like: simple, to the point, and with very
little to go wrong. You can learn this one quickly and
easily. You get a real nice chunk to peek and it happens in
an instant. Or feel free to delay your peek if that's what
the situation calls for, another fine feature of Dr. Bill's

I'm sure many will grab onto TDBT and make it part of their
arsenal. It's one of those tears that once you do it a few
times it seems to be locked into your memory. In the past
I've learned many tears, but only two have stuck with me. I
used those sparingly and for specific situations. The Dr's
Billet Tear is so robust I use it in ANY situation.

"Congratulations to Dr. Bill and his new contribution to the
field of mentalism!"
- Greg Arce

I've also included a section on my ideas about what to peek.
Among other things, you will learn how to limit the range of
choices while appearing to increase them! There is also a
section on practice tips that includes concepts many of us
know but don't use to our full advantage.

My effect 7 Deadly Sins is taught in its entirety, newly
choreographed for use with TDBT. When first printed in Mind
Index, I had to say "use your favorite tear." No more.

Besides being my favorite thing to do with a CT, 7DS is a
lesson in the art. You will no longer have to worry about
why you are having something written down, why it is being
torn up soon after or making sure the writing is large,
legible and just where you want it. All this is accomplished
without having to be directive and can be applied to a
variety of different kinds of routines. Many of these
principles apply to any kind of peek you may need to take.

Finally, as a bonus, I've included my essay, "Justifying
Your Gaze," originally printed in my ebook Suggestabilities,
offering even more peak peek techniques.

"I've been lucky to become friends with most of the world's
full-time performing mentalists, through my Conversations
With Mind Readers interviews. To a man, all the pro's favor
simplicity and practicality of method over almost anything
else. When they are in the heat of performing, the last
thing you want to be using is technique that, unconsciously,
you know damn well looks suspect or is prone to mistake.
That is why I love Dr. Bill Cushman's Center Tear. It meets
all the criteria of the working pro mentalist: It is easy.
Practical. Looks natural, since the peek is done in the
tearing "action." And, it's something you will have
confidence doing, therefore you reduce the chance of
wreaking with "magician's guilt" when performing it. I've
been using Bill's center tear since the first day he shared
with me. I am pretty sure that YOU will be using it
immediately too, once you are exposed to its method. HIGHLY
- Ben Cummings, founder, ConversationsWithMindReaders.com

The Dr�s Billet Tear is $35. Get your copy stat!

This is a well-constructed, natural, and easy-to-do center
tear. But do we need another technique? Well, over the
past decade or so, many performers have successfully
achieved the creation of a center tear using their own
unique criteria. Of course, not everyone has the same
criteria and that has resulted in many different and
wonderful center tear techniques.

Obviously, you only need one. But I certainly urge you to
check out as many as you can, even if the technique you use
at the current time seems right for you. Each time I've
learned one (such as Richard Osterlind's, Bruce Bernstein's,
or Doug Dyment's), I thought that it was the right one for
me at the time. And then someone else came out with one
that, for me, was simpler and easier and more natural. This
is not to say that the other techniques aren't good, just
that the newer technique I learned better fit my particular
style and needs.

This one, I feel, is simpler and easier and more natural
than those I have previously learned. However, as implied
above, a good CT technique is like another mentalist's tool
which involves one's thumb: there are different styles for
different performers. What makes this different is that
involves just two folds and two tears. The folds are made
before the technique is accomplished, so really TDCD
involves only two tears (though one can use an additional
tear if one feels compelled to.) The technique can be done
mostly surrounded. Only those who can look over your
shoulder will be problematic. And the pieces can be shown
front and back at all phases of the technique, which can
create a lovely logical disconnect.

This one certainly may be the best for you. It delivers on
its promises and so it's well worth checking out. This
34-page downloadable PDF includes detailed instructions on
how to do the tear, plus includes some embedded videos and
color illustrations.

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