Stefan Olschewski
Suggested Retail Price: $35

Four randomly selected spectators...
Three fair choices...
One amazing killer prediction...

Get ready for "The Dwarfs"!

Experience one of the most baffling and entertaining
mentalism routines out there. Stefan explains his complete
FISM act in great detail - nothing is held back. Now you
will be able to perform the act everybody was talking about.
And even if you don't: the numerous creative methods and
amazing secrets revealed on the DVD can be easily used as
stand-alone pieces for your own routines.

"CASSANDRA" inside
The secret of the ingenious "Cassandra Device" alone is
worth many times the price of this DVD! This extraordinary
method allows you to secretly switch a large written
prediction which has been in full view the entire time.
Sealed in a clear plexiglass box!

Lots of food for thought from one of Germany's top

This is a very strong chair routine with some solid thinking
and clever ideas. However, I must admit that this type of
chair routine, one that is comprised of a lot of
predictions, is just not my style, which is why I may sound
a bit jaded or unenthusiastic for this. However, quite a
few performers enjoy this type of routine and are quite
successful with it.

At the outset of the routine, the performer makes it quite
clear to the audience what is going to happen. The
performer shows a prediction at the beginning of the routine
and explains that many decisions will be made and that he
knows the outcome of all of them. So the fact that there
will be a parade of revelations at the end of the routine is
certainly set-up.

Olschewski has incorporated some very nice bits not seen in
most chair routines, such as the "Cassandra device" idea
mentioned in the blurb and a killer prediction idea from
Cody Fisher. Both are incredibly powerful bits that can
actually stand on their own as separate effects.

The routine, as in most chair routines, requires chairs
(four of them), signs on the chairs, and large envelopes
with messages inside. It also requires colored caps, the
Cassandra device (which is easy enough to construct), and a
box for materials that will enable one to perform the Cody
Fisher component of the routine. It's not a special box, so
finding a suitable one will be easy. There are items you
put into the box (which I can't mention as it deals with the
modus), but they can be found easily if you don't already
have them.

The reason why this is called THE DWARFS (yes, I know it
should be spelled as "dwarves") is because at one point
different colored hats (dwarves' hats) are chosen by the
participants. Olschewski has worked it into the theme, but
I do feel it's a bit contrived. Though this routine was
presented at the 2012 FISM (and didn't win any awards), I
must note that I enjoyed Olschewski's chair routine from his
MENTALITIES DVD more than this one.

The 50-minute DVD itself contains a full performance of the
routine and then is broken up into chapters for a discussion
of each element of the routine. Though English is not
Olschewski's native language, he and the other two gentleman
adequately explain everything.

As stated, this is not a routine that suits my style, but I
recognize that it may well suit yours. There are also some
very good ideas contained in this which you can use for your
own chair routines or for standalone routines. It is those
ideas which I found fascinating and for which I can
recommend this.