Geraint Clarke
Suggested Retail Price: $25

The Eden Project is a collection of 3 Powerful pieces of
Modern Mentalism.

In this debut DVD from G. Clarke, you'll learn 3 incredibly
powerful mentalism effects that can be routined together, or
performed separately to create an organic, modern
masterpiece for your audience.

The spectator is asked if they have a passcode or lock set
on their iPhone, and the performer reveals that thought of
number without ever asking the spectator to write anything
down. It's simple, direct and easy to perform.

A diabolical new method for an add a number routine. Imagine
inviting multiple spectators to type in a number of their
choice into the iPhone calculator, and multiply all their
results together. The outcome is ALWAYS a number you've
predicted ahead of time, and can even be your telephone
number. This revolutionary revamp to the popular TOXIC
method means that the spectators can make as many mistakes
as they like, change their mind, choose to add, subtract or
divide their numbers, and it will ALWAYS end up as YOUR
number. No TOXIC set-up or memory recall!

FATE 2.0:
After releasing the first version of this effect in November
2011, it soon became Theory 11's best selling wire effect.
Originally it was a method to divine the Shuffled order of
songs on their iPhone music library. However this has just
been redeveloped into a STRONGER, MORE POWERFUL effect by
making it a pure mind-reading demonstration. Multiple
spectators are asked to think of a random song from a
Borrowed iPhone, and with the iPhone locked and hidden away
in someones pocket, you can instantly reveal each spectators
selection. It's that good.

"Fate is how real mind reading should look ..."
- Justin Miller

"I love, love, love this effect"
- Jonathan Bayme


"This is now my favorite Add-A-Number using my iPhone and
Non-Toxic is my favorite effect on the DVD"
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

Though some of this material can play on a stage, most of
this just feels to me as if it's more street magic or
effects that you'd do at a social gathering. But it's all
impromptu and there are some fascinating ideas in this.

Tricks with iPhones are certainly controversial, especially
given that most are aware of them. The best ones are those
that look like they are not using any apps at all or are
using someone's borrowed apps. Even then, their use tends
to be controversial. So the consideration regarding this
solely depends on your style and approach.

To me, the best item of the three on here is Fate 2.0. When
I saw the method, I thought it was far too bold to be
effective, but I tried it on a couple of my teenage students
and it was very strong. It does require a bit of peeking,
like a billet read, and you must be quick, especially if
you're doing this for multiple people, but it's certainly a

Of the other two, PASSCODE requires some additional work
that may not be practical to many performers (it's still
impromptu) and NON-TOXIC, which is miscredited, is an
alternate add-a-number technique with calculators to one
that most working pros already know. For the price, if you
work with iPhones or are around many who do, this is worth
looking into.