H. Arcana

Ten Amazing Effects with TEN ESP cards

H. Arcana has finally stepped out of the shadows as a
creator of commercial mentalism, starting you off with a
series of complete routines written throughout this 41 page
manuscript which explore the use of only ten ESP cards.

Learn TEN secrets that give you the power to master the art
of chance! H. Arcana has created a thoroughly written text,
providing you with TEN full routines that can be performed
both separately or even together in a multiple phase
routine. Once you have learned the secrets, you will possess
the ability to perform an amazing mentalism repertoire with
the very symbols used initially to scientifically study ESP
at Duke University- and right out of your shirt pocket!

*Subtleties at guessing which symbol is being merely thought
*Principles to give genuine intuitive readings with only 10
ESP cards
*Techniques that allow you to work with one person and
create amazing synchronicities
*Techniques that allow you to work with two people in
similarly interactive ways
*Unusual methods to interchangeably apply to each other and
create new routines
*Routines in which the spectator is always shuffling and
making all the decisions
*A way for your spectator to make all choices, yet result
in every symbol matching up!

$50 (plus $6 shipping within the USA, or $12 for all other

"In all seriousness H.A. you've blown my mind and taken a
guy that seriously loathed anything done with ESP Cards and
made him a believer. You've done something important and
found that thing that's been missing when it comes to this
sort of work."
Craig Browning (Northampton, MA)

"I'm very impressed with Homer's ESP Arcana. He has taken
the use of ESP cards into another, and fascinating,
dimension. Highly Recommended."
Bob Cassidy, Master Mind Reader (Seattle, WA)

"I am blown away by the elegance of his thinking on a
regular basis. Not only superb effects but the subtleties
and attention to detail that mark a true pro. I predict
great things from this talented and experienced performer."
Bill Cushman (Miami, FL)

"Homer is knocking em' out of the park left and right
lately! His first official release 'ESP Arcana' is
freakishly good... you guys are going to love it as much
as I do, guaranteed."
Jerome Finley (Las Vegas, NV)

"I always like to listen to H Arcana. A lot of deep thinking
and inspiration."
Lior Manor, (Israel)

"H. Arcana has created an interesting object lesson for all
of us using only 10 ESP cards. Each effect playing out as
intuitively uncanny, and each gradually more and more
impressive. You should learn from this guy. Definitely
Alain Nu (Washington, DC)

"H.Arcana is brilliant. Respect and guard his work. You will
be very successful and your journey will be a very rewarding
Neal Scryer (New York, New York)

"He's great, loaded with knowledge and a practical thinker!"
Peter Turner (Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK)

I think the big question here is, "Who is H. Arcana?"? He's
helped, and is associated with, Alain Nu (specifically his
TLC television shows) and Alain left him the Shop of Secrets
website to promote H. Arcana's own material. His work is
also featured in SCRYER AND FRIENDS and Ran Pink's T.REX,
plus his work is the featured inspiration for Jerome

This is his first release and it is a strong collection of
ten ESP card routines using ten ESP cards, or two sets of
the five different cards. The routines are: Reading ESP,
Apparently Nine, E-SPAAN, Snappy Stop, Five to Nine, One
Thought Two Forgot, E-Spell, One Thought Three Wishes,
Nine-Ball ESP, Symbolten.

I am sure that, like me, you will find several strong
routines that you will instantly add to your repertoire.
They all are very easy to do, though one or two may take a
bit of practice because they require timing. But this is
certainly a winning collection of routines with ESP cards
and H.Arcana is certainly someone who's continued work we
should all look forward to.

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