Jasper Blakely and Paul Romhany
Suggested Retail Price $39.95

Take someone on an unforgettable plane journey across the
world in their imagination and reveal their chosen
destination under seemingly impossible conditions.

From the mind that brought you mentalist effects
Dial-abolical and Plunge of Death, comes Flown Away, a truly
practical and real-world mind-reading miracle.

In this initial release from Pro-menatlist, the
collaboration of performers/creators Paul Romhany and Jasper
Blakeley, comes an incredibly simple but amazingly powerful
mental trip.

With a fool-proof invisible method, Flown Away can be played
for laughs or for serious. This effect has not been created
just to sell, it is part of Jasper's everyday stand-up
comedy act.

Watch covert footage of actual stand-up comedy-club
performances of Flown Away, done by Jasper's Russian-esque
comical mind-reading character, Kockov.

With several different performances to work from, you have a
unique opportunity to see how this effect plays out in the
real world.

The Effect:

A volunteer is called to the stage, they secretly choose any
one of fifty popular world-wide destinations from a stack of
cards, they place one of the cards into a separate envelope
and the performer reveals the destination they chose.

Here are the questions you want to ask:

All 50 cards & place names are genuinely there, only 50
cards no more no less
Unmarked cards - nothing to see or find by spectator
Completely and totally free choice by spectator
The spectator can handle the cards in any way
THE PERFORMER NEVER sees the place name on the card until it
is taken out of the envelope at the end
The volunteer can hold the envelope throughout
The volunteer can take the card out of the envelope at the
Longer & funny 'kicker ending' version available
Takes less than 15 minutes to make and costs less than the
price of a packet trick
Plays to small dinner parties, cabarets, or to large stage
Can be played straight or for laughs - full script and
routining included
Nothing to find at all
Adheres to clich� 'packs small plays big'
Limitless presentational possibilities
Corporate, trade show and children's show applications

COMES COMPLETE WITH Book (74 pages) with bonus routines by
Paul Romhany and DVD.

Though the principles are certainly not new, this is a
solid, practical, well-tested routine, which allows for
quite a bit of comic by-play, if that's your style. The
DVD, which contains performances only, certainly
demonstrates that.

The props used are ones that you can obtain from the local
office supply store. It is definitely a good technique and
one that suits this routine well. On the other hand, some
may find that this method may be redundant in comparison
with other techniques, or gimmicks, that accomplish the same
thing. I don't think that experienced mentalists will find
anything new here.

Though this can be done close-up, this routine better fits a
stage or parlour act. The polybag package includes the
clearly written and illustrated 74 page book (5.5" x 8.5")
with the performance DVD. This is a routine that I'd
certainly recommend to magicians or novice performers
looking for a solid, entertaining piece of mentalism that
can be constructed easily and cheaply. For experienced and
very knowledgeable performers, it's hard to enthusiastically
recommend this only because you'll probably find little to
add to your knowledge.