Wayne Rogers

The Mentalist opens a simple black vinyl folder and shows
four envelopes. As he passes along a line of 4 spectators,
each one chooses an envelope.

The spectators have an absolutely free choice of any
envelope showing on the folder. Does this sound fair to you?
Then you will be pleased to know that every choice is under
the performer's control.

FORCE 4 does exactly what the name suggests . . . it allows
you to force 4 envelopes or folded papers in a very fair
manner. Originally designed for Wayne�s own chair test
�Signs of Chaos�. FORCE 4 can be used in many types of

Serious Mentalists and magicians in general will find a use
for FORCE 4 in their act.

As a special bonus for family entertainers, included are two
fun and fully scripted routines from Jim Kleefeld.

FORCE 4 can be used as a regular writing pad if desired. It
is designed to use either A4 or Letter size paper.

"This is the answer to a solution I've been after for years
in my mentalism show!! Opens up endless possibilities that
will enhance any routine . . Wayne has created the ultimate
tool for professionals . . My prayers have been answered
Paul Romhany

"One of the best utility tools in the trade. The routines
included are exceptionally clever. Well thought out. I see a
lot of potential here . . . Great job Wayne. Keep em'
Neal Scryer

"You really do have a great prop there and one you should be
proud of. Well done my friend."

You may recall that when Banachek's Pad Folio came out, I
not only raved about it, but rated it as one of the best
products of the year. Force 4 takes Banachek's basic idea
and adds a whole other level to it. That should be all I
need to say. This is a very clever near-100% hands off
control of four selections.

When you see this, all the performer is doing is showing a
vinyl portfolio (large enough for A4 or letter-size pads)
with envelopes on it. One envelope is selected. The
performer does not touch the envelopes. The second
participant sees three envelopes and chooses one. The third
participant sees two envelopes and chooses one. The final
envelope is handed to the fourth participant and that's the
only time the envelope(s) are handled by the performer
during the selection process.

For those familiar with the Pad Folio, this is very similar
except that it has one more added feature that allows you to
do the forcing that it was designed for. Also, like the Pad
Folio, the package includes a vinyl case for the Pad Folio
as well as DVD instructions. There is an instructional PDF
file on the DVD as well which contains the two routines
mentioned in the ad.

I suppose the only consideration to this is that this is
more suited to parlour and stage work and not really
recommended for close-up or walkaround. Then again, it was
designed for that, so this is just an informational point.
I can't speak for the durability of the product since I
really haven't used it for a length of time, but it appears
to be similar in quality to aformentioned Pad Folio.
Finally, you will need to supply your paper, envelopes, etc.
Again, this is not a criticism, but simply information in
regards to what you get in the packaging.

I raved about the Pad Folio (which I still haven't changed
my opinion of, by the way) and, since this can do the same
thing and more, I must say that Force 4 is a highly
recommended and versatile prop that any mentalist will find
endless and devious uses for.

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