Your spectator is handed a single Business card and a pen.
They draw any image on the card and seal it into an
envelope. They keep hold of the envelope at all times. You
now start to read their mind and duplicate the drawing!
Points to note. They do not lean on anything while drawing &
at no point do you look at the face of the card. Yet you can
still duplicate the drawing with frightening accuracy!

Designed to be suitable for close up & walkabout situations
as well as stage,parlour or Pre Show performances.

It has taken Paul Nardini over 2 years of research and
prototyping to create the Ghost Pad & it's truly a thing of

Each Ghost Pad is crafted to Paul Nardini's exact
specifications by Alakazam Magic & Tony Curtis resulting in
one of the finest, most ingenious drawing duplication
systems ever.

The Ghost Pad uses a method that is as ingenious as the
effect itself!

Each Ghost Pad kit comes complete with everything you need
to start performing the moment you have watched the
instructional DVD, Including access to the restricted Ghost
owners FaceBook group, where you can share ideas & routines
with other Ghost Pad users!.

Here's What The Pro's Are Saying About The Ghost

"Some pads in mentalist, are clever, practical, and some
even raise the bar, Ghost has not only done all of it, it
has exceeded my expectations. The BEST pad ever made, you
may think you know, but you have no clue... believe the
hype, TRUST ME on this."
- Andrew Gerard

"The Ghost is the final answer in peek devices. It f*^#ed my
brain, should be illegal."
- Titanas

"WOW...I am speechless!! A VERY devilish method, absolutely
clean and COMPLETELY different from any Imp. pad out there!
I was really shocked to see the method at work...Genius!"
- Luca Volpe

This is a beautifully made pocket notepad that allows the
performer to secretly gain information without using the
more conventional methods. The trade-off is that it uses
specific materials and can't be used with borrowed items in
an impromptu situation. The pen and papers are not gaffed,
but they must have specific properties.

The package includes the notepad, which can easily fit in
one's breast pocket, instructional DVD, a pen, blank
business cards, and black envelopes. Basically, it's
everything you need to get started. Refills are available,
but one can find suitable materials in local office supply
stores or online.

The instructional DVD details the handling and care of the
props. A basic routine is explained, but this is really a
prop where the number of routines you could use this for are

It is the necessity of having the specific materials which
is the major consideration, but that certainly should not be
considered a flaw. It is merely "the price you pay" for
this elegant, non-electronic drawing duplication system.
For some that is no big deal, and if you agree, then you'll
be hitting the purchase button mere seconds from now. You
will definitely get your money's worth with this year's
hottest new mentalism gadget.

Paul Nardini