The Lookout Wallet is a beautiful leather business card
wallet with an amazing peek feature!

This Wallet is perfect for formal or casual settings and
holds plenty of business cards (it easily holds 40), and it
looks completely ordinary. However, it allows you to get a
peek in a way that is undetectable to your audience. The
angles are good, and the peek can be obtained in more ways
than one.

With the Lookout, the spectator can freely handle the wallet
and can even insert the card with their drawing/writing on
it themselves!

The Lookout Wallet also holds playing cards (a full deck of
poker sized cards!) as well as all of the Mental Voyage test
cards, so be sure to check all of those out too!

The Lookout comes with DVD instructions showing how to use
the wallet, full performances and some presentational tips.

I know what you're thinking, "Yeah, like the mentalist
community really needs another peek wallet!" And I'd tend
to agree with that sarcastic sentiment, except that for a
new peek wallet to be an exception, it has to provide
something different. To that end, I think this does,
because I don't recall ever seeing a practical,
well-designed peek wallet in this style of wallet.

It's a business card wallet with a pocket that will hold up
to about forty business cards (depending upon thickness, of
course), has an ID window in the front of the pocket, and
has a flap which covers the whole thing. This flap closes
magnetically. Previous peek wallets have primarily come in
the style of slimmer business wallets or they have been
produced as part of hip-pocket style or vest-pocket style

Now, I may be wrong about that and perhaps Paul Carnazzo is
not the first to make a peek wallet using this type of
wallet. If so, then let's take this on its own merit. The
wallet is nicely made, it's easy to use, and is what the ad
blurb claims it to be. So the question is not necessarily
do you need another peek wallet, but can you use a good peek
wallet using this style of wallet? If the answer is yes,
then your decision to buy this is a no-brainer and this
wallet is certainly recommended by me. The package includes
the wallet and an instructional DVD which covers detailed
handlings as well as some routines.

Paul Carnazzo