Magnum is much more than just an amazing multi-phase
magazine test. It's a template for creating a unique 10 to
15 minute routine filled with mystery, drama and lots of
laughs (even if you're not funny). It comes complete with
three copies of a special full-color magazine page printed
front and back on sturdy, glossy magazine stock. Magnum has
been written by a professional copywriter and formatted by a
professional editorial designer. The articles are varied and
can be read from start to finish (really), yet appear
completely normal. With Magnum you can use most of your
favorite magazines, including Rolling Stone, Men's Health,
Wired, GQ, Time, and Scientific American Mind, among others.
The gaffed page has been created with fonts, graphic
elements and colors that are identical or complementary to
all of these magazines. Add the page to your favorite mag
and you're ready to blow minds!

Here's what you can do with Magnum:

Three picture duplications that anyone can draw!
Two current celebrity reveals using Charlie Sheen, Michael
Jordan and others
Up to eight word revelations, plus two bonus word reveals
An unforgettable revelation of a European city
Two page number forces, perfect for use in conjunction with
David Hoy's "Bold Book Test"
A time prediction that is a killer addition to your favorite
watch routine

Imagine the potential. With just one magazine sheet you can
develop an entertaining series of revelations that are
logical, motivated and can involve up to eight people, or
more. You can even add reveals on the fly, based on how the
audience is reacting. Included with Magnum is a detailed 28
page book written by working pro Mark Zust with tons of
ideas, photos, four different script outlines and even a
sample script for a full 10 minute act! You can use Magnum
by itself or as a logical complement to a book test, watch
routine, prediction, you name it. For simplicity,
flexibility and portability, this is as close to a perfect
magazine test as you'll find today, and it even works
beautifully with other tests like Glance and Booked. Get
Magnum and have more fun with your mentalism!

When a blurb says that it "is as close to a perfect
magazine test as you'll find today" it is making some pretty
bold claims. Though it's good, I disagree that it lives up
to such a "perfect" claim. This is mostly because the
designer borrowed quite a bit from other book tests without
really understanding the principles involved.

A good example of this in the use of a technique that Max
Maven uses for his well-known effect, Contimental. The
description including in the manual makes this look like
fishing. Experienced mentalists know how to avoid making
this technique look like that. Though there's a great deal
of thought into making this a "Swiss Army knife" of magazine
tests, meaning that there are a lot of different uses, many
of them just aren't that inspired or well thought out. They
can certainly be used, though.

The routine itself is similar to what was done with Nathan
Kranzo's TRU TEST. A magazine is freely selected from among
a few. Using that chosen magazine, the performer riffles
through the pages and stops when the participant says so.
That page is ripped out and handed to the participant. From
there, there are at least eleven different features that can
be used for revelations.

One consideration is that you do want to retrieve the ripped
out sheet to re-use. You don't have to, but the alternative
is to buy additional refills which cost $9.95 for three.
That's far more expensive than TRU-TEST.

The 28-page book is really a manuscript, stapled and with a
color cover. One gets three of the sheets included.
Assuming you can justify, and don't mind, retrieving the
torn out page used in performance, the price for this is
fair and it can certainly be used effectively. But like
other mentalism products created by magicians, it works and
can be strong, but this just isn't one that I'm that excited
about. GLANCE or TRU-TEST, or even some of the magazine
tests that use ordinary magazines, are more advantageous and
useful to the experienced mentalist.

Mark Zust
Suggested Retail Price: $34.95