Felix Schellenberg
16 Euros

The Mati Envelope is a brand new envelope peek system which
allows (not only) for an extremely clean and devious peek of
any information written on an untouched slip of paper,
sealed shut into a completely opaque envelope! Everything is
done slowly and in plain sight - yet you still obtain a full
stealth peek... But there�s even more to the The Mati
Envelope... It is one of those rare envelopes that can be
used when a peek alone is not enough, e.g. when you need to
hand out everything immediately and even have the audience
themselves tear their envelope open afterwards. Imagine
the possibilities The Mati Envelope offers in the classic
Three Envelope Test, for Pre-Show work, Q&A, Drawing Dupes
or Pseudo Psychometry...

Completely invisible and devious peek!
Make your own at home!
Clever out-of-the-box thinking!
Clear and concise step-by-step instructions with many
Extremely versatile principle!

Key Features:

Performer never touches the paper
Spectator herself seals the envelope shut
Envelope remains in the spectator's hand
In the end, the spectator opens the envelope herself, taking
out her card
Billet and Envelope are always in plain sight
No switches
No 'pads' or 'boards'
No 'writing surface' whatsoever
No sneaky moves
No sleights
100% invisible peek
Can be performed (almost) surrounded 95% fully visible peek
Completely clean ending Spectator can keep paper and
envelope as souvenirs
Adaptable tool for many routines

This is an extremely clever envelope. Indeed, it is a peek
envelope, but so very different from what most are used for.
Without giving too much away, I can say that the peek is
done while the participant holds the envelope. In fact, the
performer can be in another room and get the peek!

As the blurb states, there are no switches and everything is
in plain sight the whole time. Now, there may be a bit of
misleading going on and I have to be very careful what I say
about this because I don't want to give too much away. The
list in the blurb of what this is and isn't may imply to
some that there are no impressions. Well, there are, but
it's not the usual impression device(s), and it works in
such a way that it allows you to do everything that the
blurb claims. It's quite easy to do and experienced
mentalists may be aware of this technique already.

There is that proverbial "price" to be able to do this. It
does take awhile to contruct each envelope which can only be
used once. The materials to make the envelope are easy to
maintain but it will probably take about five minutes for
each envelope. If you make a bunch at a time, I would think
the average time to make these would be less, though I
haven't tried that. It does involve cutting and pasting and
taking apart envelopes and putting them back together. In
other, it's not difficult, but it does take time to make

One thing I will note is that this is a bit "knacky." It
will take you some time to get it right so that the peek
work can be done effectively. Unfortunately, I can't be
specific about what that involves, although I will say it's
a combination of timing and pressure. Like the
construction, it's certainly not difficult, but it will
require a certain amount of practice to do it smoothly.

The only performers that wouldn't need this forty-eight page
downloadable e-book are those that just don't like making
their own props. Otherwise, this extraordinarily useful
peek envelope is highly recommended for all working

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