Use with any mic
Fits in a pocket

Professionals may recall the Gimcrack Microphone Holder,
which is still available (you'll have to do a search to find
suppliers). Like the Gimcrack, it is small, fits in your
pocket, and will work with any size microphone. Also, it
comes in a small protective pouch. The design is different
from the Gimcrack. It's made of light chain, which one
fastens around one's neck with a clasp, and has a metal mic
holder, as opposed to the cord and flexible rubber mic
holder that a Gimcrack has.

If you do not have a microphone holder, I cannot stress
enough that you should get one. Actually, one should get a
few, just in case. This is one of those utility items to
keep in one's case for when one shows up to an event and
finds out that they need it. Personally, I prefer to use a
handheld mic (when the audience size and/or venue calls for
the use of a mic) and so I will always use a mic holder in
those situations. The Mic Holder Pro is about the same
price as the aforementioned Gimcrack and works just as well.
Definitely recommended if you are a working pro and you
don't already have any microphone holders.

Quique Marduk
Suggested Retail Price: $20