A precision engineered mint box becomes your secret weapon!

Here are some KILLER routines that can be done with

* Mintal Connection:
At any time you take out your mint box and ask your
spectator to pour out ANY amount of mints in her hand BEHIND
her back...Instantly you tell her the EXACT amount of mints
taken! If you want, you can even PREDICT the amount of mints
taken by your spectator. Different outcome every single

* Mintal Duet:
From a mixed color box of mints you pour out ANY amount of
mints in your hand behind your back. Your spectator is then
asked to do the same. Both hands are opened...and it's an
EXACT match of both: AMOUNT and COLOR mints!

* Mintal Color Change:
Your spectator pours out ANY amount of mints in her hand
behind her back. You not only predict the EXACT amount of
mints taken...but also cause the mints INSIDE her hand to

* Mintal Separation:
From a mixed color box of mints your spectator pours out ANY
amount of mints in her hand behind her back. She is then
asked to concentrate on just one of the colors...when her
hand is opened, ALL the mints have CHANGED into the color
where she thought of!

This ULTRA COOL mint box is your new SECRET WEAPON that
you'll always carry with you wherever you go. Freak them out
with your AMAZING "Mintal" powers!

Mintalist comes complete with a very cool precision
engineered mint box including mints and a full training DVD
with bonus routines and handling tips.

*Points to keep in mind:

Super EASY to do
100% Gimmicked
100% Examinable
Resets in Seconds

Mentalism with Tic Tacs?!? Yep. I've already seen some
criticize this for being mental magic, but this is NOT
inherently mental magic. Yes, there are some magical
routines included on the DVD, but this is more of a utility
prop. You can use it for magic, mental magic, or
hard-hitting mentalism.

Because this looks like an ordinary Tic-Tac container, and
because it is certainly not uncommon for people to be
carrying this, using this would not and should not be
suspicious at all. Also, it is examinable. Now, you don't
want someone to have a lot of time to take it apart and
examine every part of it closely. But participants can
handle the mint box briefly and pour mints out of it to
verify that it is not a gaffed container.

Besides the effects described in the blurb, I think this may
be ideal to use as part of a Mental Epic type effect. For
instance, the performer talks about influence and random
choices. Two random items are chosen (a color and an object
in the pocket, perhaps) along with a random amount of mints
poured from a mint container. The performer shows three
slips of paper with all three items and amounts correctly
written down. Of course, this is simply "Mental Epic" using
MINTALIST as the third selection.

I will tell you that you MUST be careful when you first get
this. Do NOT remove the label. Do NOT cut the label so
that you remove the white plastic top. You do not need to
take anything apart. If you feel you have to, then re-watch
the instructional video.

Also, when I initially played with it, I was having problems
with the amount of mints a spectator would take. I can't be
more specific without giving it away. However, I found that
the number should be smaller rather than larger and that
multi-colored mints will allow for a more powerful effect.

Other than that, it really is very easy to do. You must set
it up before the performance and the re-set can be quickly
done, but not in front of participants. It can be done
surrounded as there are no angle issues.

Gimmicking a mint box container is certainly nothing new,
but I really like Peter Eggink's design and this is a handy
utility gimmick that one can have in your arsenal. So,
given the fact that I favor utility gimmicks, I must say
that this clever item certainly is recommended. The package
contains the Mintalist gimmick, a small supply of mints, an
extra label, and an instructional DVD.

Peter Eggink