Kenton Knepper & Craig Conley

"I expected this to be fun and interesting. I was surprised
to discover how much of this I will be using right away!" -
Tom B., Hollywood, CA

"This is truly great stuff. I'm thinking of having a party
just to try out the Unicorn readings!- Cory Haines,
Magician, Author and Attorney

Kenton Knepper and Craig Conley come together for a novel
collection of readings systems that are both impressive and

Sometimes you need to do FUN readings or readings that are
unlike what most others can offer.

People want to book readers who can do readings at parties,
in celebratory situations, without being heavy, and are not
like the usual Tarot, rune or typical readers.

Here is the answer. Get completely novel, entertaining,
unique, and original readings, complete with artwork for:

* Symbols Drawings

A special system contained on a single sheet of paper allows
you to use all sorts of sneaky psychology to know what is
going on with someone, while giving them powerful images to
remember for change.

* Unicorn Readings

This has become SO popular with the rave/party/Renaissance
crowd. A person uses a system that tells them their
personality type and how it is related to one of nine
special unicorns.

This system is the perfect mixer for parties, getting guests
to interact with each other, or helping shy people have a
great excuse to meet new friends.

There is a special kicker to this that believers and
atheists alike will love...and be entirely surprised by as
well. We can't say more here, but it probably will surprise
you greatly too.

* Your Power Beastie Reading

People create their own imaginary Power Beastie using animal
totems from three different categories. The combined animal
traits make for a unique Power Beastie, that has a reading
like no one else's Power Beastie.

This is a great mix of secret symbolism, shamanism,
mythology and psychology.

Don't worry, it isn't difficult to do. The meanings and
associations are all on cheat sheets right in front of you.

* The Babylonian Reading Layout

A map of ancient Babylonia is used as a layout to
incorporate into any of your favorite readings system, such
as Tarot, color chips, runes or the like.

This special map (three versions are provided) adds a
multitude of layers and insights to any divination tool you
already use. Just put your divination pieces on this special
map, and like ancient magic, great secrets and surprises
await the client.

You get the fully detailed work on all four of these systems
as originated by Kenton Knepper and Craig Conley in one

You get all of the original artwork by Craig Conley

* Unicorn Name Badges
* Unicorn Divination Chart
* Babylonian Maps (3 kinds)
* Symbol Readings Chart
* Symbol Readings Meanings Sheet
* Power Beastie Grid
* Know Your Animal Secrets Chart
* Real Mythological Beasts Reference Chart

These are all original systems and artwork and you will not
find anything else like them anywhere.

Whether you do readings seriously as a job and need
something novel to change things up, or want to learn to do
readings that are fascinating and fun, as well as truly
insightful, this amazing collection will be of use to you.

There is also a secret in this ebook that will get you
another great discount on a related 95% off the
currently listed price.

Whether just for fun, to help people socialize, attract
interest in readings, or as part of a completely new
approach to readings you do already, this release is a gift,
especially considering the price.

Don't get us wrong. Those of you who are used to Kenton's
great insight and sneaky psychology will find plenty to be
had in this collection. The great news here is that it isn't
difficult to learn. The eBook portion is only about 30
pages. And you won't have to memorize things, because it's
all right in front of you.

Introductory price through September 1st, 2013 only is...$25

This will soon be $30-$35 in no time at all, and has a good
possibility of going up in the near future.

Get this amazingly novel, entertaining, intriguing, and
memorable set, sure to be talked about by all who get their
readings done by you.

Any one of these systems is worth this price. Get all four
systems, plus all the artwork and insider instructions for
this one price.

Right now at a steal of a price.

(See Egyptian Name Readings by Craig Conley, under his alter
ego name of Prof. Oddfellow incredible combination
with this set.)

Craig Conley is a rare mix of illustrator, writer,
researcher and eclectic performer. His blend of talents and
intelligence make for a perfect alchemy with Kenton, and we
are thrilled these two are working together for us all.

This is a collection of four fun and/or unique methods for
doing readings. One involves the interprations of choices
made from a gridful of drawings (such as a wall, a broken
window, and a weather vane). Others include unicorn
readings, animal readings, and mythological beasts.

I've dabbled in animal readings as there's a fair amount on
the subject of having client's choose animals they relate or
don't relate to. So I know that you be very serious with it
or you can make this a light reading. The same goes for the
readings with the drawings. For example, you can use the
techniques that Pablo Amira and Kenton teach in TAROT
WITHOUT MEMORY and create a very meaningful reading or you
can simply give shorter and whimsical readings of the chosen

In other words, this is a practical collection of readings
that can cater to those who want lighter readings or those
who want unique and serious readings. Or both, of course.
This is a 31 page downloadable PDF and includes twelve files
that contain everything you need to print out and get going.

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