A Remote Viewing Demonstration

In 1959, Verne Cameron, a professional dowser, contacted the
United States Navy and told them he would locate the entire
submarine fleet using only a map and a pendulum. The navy
accepted the challenge and Cameron successfully located not
only the US submarines, but also the position of Russian
submarines around the world.

I first explored this theme in my eBook, THE PSYCHIC
PENDULUM, and now, I am proud to announce a completely new
Remote Viewing routine based on this intriguing premise.

The Effect:

A large military map of the Pacific Ocean (circa 1942),
divided into 100 grids or sectors, is exhibited to the
audience. Each sector is identified by a letter from "A" to
"J" and a number from one to ten.

Each sector contains the name of a circa WWII American

Audience members secretly select a letter and a number in a
manner that insures that the mentalist cannot possibly know
the "target" sector.

Apparently using only his skills at Remote Viewing, the
mentalist successfully identifies the submarine located in
the target area.

The 26-page PDF comes complete with the fully scripted
presentation and routine, several methods that will appeal
to "real world" and professional performers, and a zip file
containing a variety of printable and customizable maps of
different sizes.

Also, Bob has put together an additional supplement which
includes some additional ideas, including some very
practical ideas and routines from Michael Weber and others,
plus an audio chat.

(Note: the supplement and chat will be available by the end
of July 2012.)

This routine has excited many already who've been providing
Bob with a lot of great ideas. Rather than hold up the
release of this to include them, Bob has agreed to create at
least one additional supplement that will have these
additional ideas and routines. This will, of course, be
sent to all purchasers.

The BASIC EDITION includes the basic routine only and some
of the printable charts. The REGULAR EDITION comes with
additional ideas and professional handlings, a full
explanation and breakdown of the mnemonics Bob uses,
additional printable charts, the supplement, and the
audio chat.

Regular Edition

Bob Cassidy

Basic Edition