At the last Blackpool convention we gave people a limited
run, sneak-peek of "Reveal," Chris Rawlins' FLAWLESS
clipboard utility. It sold out. On the first day.

"Reveal" is a clipboard that is specially gaffed yet
undetectable even when the spectator is holding it.
ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRONICS are used. You just ask someone to
draw or write something on a piece of paper. You get it, all
at once, without ANY strange movements. The drawing can be
isolated in an envelope or bag, yet you still are privy to
what was written.

The best compliment we can give "Reveal" is this: it's real
world stuff. It's not a pipe dream. A leading mentalist
created it for his show, other leading mentalists around the
globe are using it, and it can be done UNDER FIRE. It is
impossible for it to break or wear-out. It's something you
will use in your show...forever. You get the gimmicked
clipboard, marker, envelope, DVD and attractive storage box.

But don't take our word for it. Here is what others are

"Reveal is my kind of thing! Bold, clever, low tech and 100%
reliable! This goes straight in my professional repertoire!"
-Luca Volpe

"The greatest clipboard peek...PERIOD! A thing of true
-Peter Turner

"A cunning device which is clean, simple and perfectly
designed to create a method which flies under the audiences
-Chris Cox

"Chris has created a rock solid method that is quick, easy
and 100% reliable. This is a powerful weapon to add to your
-Marc Paul

"What a nice way to get a peek, and deceptive as well."

"Real world performers are going to recognise immediately
the potential of this device. The beauty is, you're going to
see exactly what they wrote, so there is no fear of a bad
-Colin McLeod

This is a really good idea. I tried this out and it works
beautifully. This is one of those ideas that one thinks
shouldn't work, but does. It's easy to perform and use.
There is no pre-show, the set-up involves only putting the
paper and gimmick onto the clipboard, and the paper the
participant drew on can be given out as a souvenir. There
is a bit of participant management that must be done, but
it's not hard at all for the experienced performer and the
instructional DVD certainly details everything.

The principles and ideas behind this, as you might suspect,
are not new. And, from the description, you may be able to
guess the major ones. What's different about this is the
gimmick. Similar gimmicks have been described and can be
made from simple office supplies, but this one is
manufactured and custom designed, so it works quite well and
is camouflaged by the clipboard. By the way, I performed
this for a group of mentalists and was surprised that they
didn't pick up on the method. So it's just as deceptive to
working pros as it is to laymen.

Besides that, my only quibble may be the size. The
clipboard is about 6" x 9" and I'm not sure why a larger
size wasn't made. Perhaps in the future there will be one.
This is not a major issue with this as you should ask the
participant to draw something that fills most of the page.
A 6" x 9" drawing can still be seen by a good-sized crowd.
And, though I think it's not a big deal, the size needs to
be noted as this may be important to some.

Most clipboards today are expensive (for a reason) and so
it's nice to a see a professional clipboard that is a worker
and reasonably priced. The package includes almost
everything you need to perform this right out of the box,
including the clipboard and an instructional DVD. The only
thing you need to supply is the paper.

Now, this may not be the best drawing duplication method
available, but I would highly recommend this to anyone who
doesn't have a drawing duplication clipboard effect or who
needs a back-up in case their expensive clipboard
experiences malfunctions or needs parts. You should know
what I mean. Even for those who are curious or who are
looking for different and/or more inexpensive methods to do
drawing duplications, I think this is a very good "low-tech"
item that you'll like and use.

Christopher Rawlins