"After 2 Years Of Work Bob Cassidy Reveals His Long Awaited
Secrets To The Mysteries Of The Séance..."

It's taken a long time but Bob Cassidy, one of the most
respected and influential mentalists of our time, is finally
revealing his secrets to performing the seance.

Within the pages of "Séance" you'll discover:

The 12-Step Outline For Conducting A Successful Séance

The First Rule Of ALL Effective Séances

How You Can Do A Séance Without Communicationg With The

The Three Types Of Séances

Revealed: An Overlooked Classic In Which Particpants Can
Actually SEE Forgotten Memories As They Look Into A Glass Of
The EVP Séance - Bob's Powerful Routine For Making Eerie

Voices Appear On A Recorded Made During The Séance!

The Five Candles - A Novel Presentation Of The Classic
Living & Dead Test

Bob's Tips On The EMF Detector - An Excellent Resource

Used As A "Ghost Busting" Tool For Paranormal Investigations

How You Can Create Ghostly Orbs For Spirit Photography

Table Tilting Tips & Techniques

...Plus More!

Added Bonus:
Bob has provided an elegant PDF edition of a incredible lost
classic 1907 text on seances and mediums, BEHIND THE SCENES
WITH THE MEDIUMS, by David P. Abbott. This 173-page text
covers the details of seances, reading sealed writings,
spirit slates, billets, modern sorcery, mediumistic
phenomena, materialization, vest turning, Anna Eva Faye-type
performances, and much more.

Included in this special package:

The Complete 2-Hour MP3 Recording Of Bob's Live
The "Séance" E-Book/Lecture Notes
Event Post Lecture Notes
Special Bonus: David P. Abbott's "Behind The Scenes With
The Mediums" E-book

Bob Cassidy