Jheff, author of JHEFFSMIND and the SECRET SELF
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE SYSTEM, presents powerful mental
routines and ideas with playing cards that can be done
impromptu with a borrowed deck!


Thought of Card Found in Pocket - The performer uses the
fingertips to locate a thought-of card!

Acumental - An "Any Card at Any Number" that is a true any
card at any number that uses a borrowed deck!

Completely Out of Sight and Mind - Jheff's mentalism version
of a classic Vernon effect!

Kinetic Card Reading - A reading with cards in which the
performer can accurately predict the future and prove it!

The Collective Mind - An entire room makes decisions to
choose a card that one member of an audience has merely
thought of!

Double-Barreled - The performer moves a thought-of card to a
thought-of position in the deck!

Off the Radar - Three participants merely think of a card
and the performer reveals all three!

plus Kinetic Tarot Card Reading, Intuition 101, and The JSD

60 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", available in booklet or PDF formats

This has the same contents as the chapter of the same time
from my book, JHEFFSMIND. It is not quite the same as the
previous edition as four items have been added: Intuition
101, The JSD Stack, Kinetic Tarot Card Reading, and, my
favorite, Acumental, which, so far as I'm concerned, is
"worth the price of the book." In fact, as some may recall,
I was selling it separately for a while for $14.97.

Okay, there's not much more to say without sounding immodest
or pretentious, since it is my stuff after all, but I do
like this material and I do use it. I hope you'll enjoy the
stuff, too.


Available soon!