Tony Binarelli

This is a magical masterpiece from one of the greatest minds
in magic.

Tony Binarelli developed this effect more than 30 years ago
and refined it to perfection. In collaboration with
Card-Shark and produced in Parlour Size cards, this effect
can be performed Close-UP as well as on Stage. Dual Reality
at it's best!

A spectator is blindfolded while the mentalist asks three
different persons sitting in the audience to choose three
cards that are subsequently shuffled with the rest. The
blindfold is removed. Without any sleight of hand, just by
fanning slowly though the cards, the spectator will spot and
remove the chosen cards himself from the deck.

The selections appear to be enormously increased in sizer
for the spectator while they still look totally normal for
the audience. An unexplainable effect.

This routine is quite clever and bold. And I really like
the special deck that's used for this. However, I have to
say that I'm not a fan of effects where participants become
the mindreader, even though it is the performer who is
sending the thoughts to the participant. To me, the
performer should be the one with abilities. Being a
teacher, I don't mind using the presentation of teaching
someone to do an ability on a basic level as I then do the
more impressive version. The point is that though I
personally can't get too enthusiastic about this type of
routine, this could be an item that's fantastic for you.

The deck created for this routine is most fascinating and
definitely worth exploring as a professional worker. It is
a version of the marketed Phoenix Parlor-size Marked Decks.
There is one more additional marking on the cards which
notes the orientation. And the faces have a unique nature
that makes the whole thing work, but I can't say anything
more without tipping the method.

If this presentation interests you (and please don't let my
bias influence you if my style is different than yours), or
if you want an intriguing deck of playing cards to spark
your creativity and perhaps develop something extraordinary,
then this is certainly a utility deck that you'll enjoy
using or exploring. The package comes with the deck and a
small 11-page instruction booklet that details the routine
and the handlings of the deck.