TELEPATHY REPORT is an exciting new release from the
acclaimed author of THE WIZARD IS DEAD. This is
professional and exclusive material and only 50 copies will
be sold!

Here are the contents of TELEPATHY REPORT:

Chair Control - How to openly predict which out of five
chairs a complete stranger will sit in. No pre-show, no dual
reality, no secret writing, no stage whispers, no instant
stooge or any other kinds of stooges or secret cuing.

How to reveal the zodiac signs of at least 12 people in the
audience, with methods and subtleties that are light years
ahead of anything published so far in the literature of
mentalism. This is a great framework for giving readings to
members of the audience.

You will learn how to make well known effects such as PK
Time and PK Touches (and every mental effect out there) more
convincing and logical as well as techniques that will make
those effects more powerful.

You will discover the only way of creating a convincing
mindreading experience.

You will learn a method with which you will be able to ask a
random member of the audience to stand up. You will then be
able to tell him something specific about himself. It could
be any piece of information you can think of and you will be
correct no matter what. At least, that will be the illusion
you will create with this technique.

I'll teach you how to pick up on people's thoughts just like
a human radio. You will be able to answer thought of
questions. The participants NEVER write anything down! After
learning the methods in this report, you may find you'll
need nothing else!

You will learn how revealing a part of the mystery can make
you seem even more mysterious. In addition, you will study a
postgraduate course on how to slow, speed, and stop your
pulse using propless and impromptu methods.

Learn how to tell members of your audience personal things
about themselves that are specific, strong, powerful, and
always correct no matter what!

I'll be sharing for the first time the (almost) perfect
closer to a Q&A act which will overcome the major flaw in
all Q&A acts.

Two brilliant ways of dealing with the question "What am I
thinking of right now?" and a way to deal with the event of
a participant refusing to tell you their name: "You are the
mindreader, you tell me!"

Discover the only way of showing to the audience the
transference of a thought from one mind to another.

I'll teach one of my favorite effects, I Know What You Need.
A participant is asked to imagine a box full of different
objects (about 40 objects) Next, she is asked to think of
one of the objects. You tell her the thought of object at
once. No pumping or fishing. This is a new application of an
old principle. You can also go through her exact thought
process in choosing which object to think of. You can even
perform this long distance, over the phone.

An untouched, isolated envelope is in plain view on the
table. Inside the envelope are not one, not two, not three,
not four but five predictions! Are five predictions enough
to prove your point?

Learn the best way to predict a thought-of-color, and the
only logical reason of having a written prediction. Why not
just tell someone what you are about to predict? You can
even perform this over the phone.

My ESP Effect - a direct 3 phases ESP effect using only 5
unmarked and unprepared ESP cards.

Perception - a psychological effect involving a borrowed,
regular deck of cards, shuffled by the participant. One
effect with three twist ending.

I have to begin by being frank. Yaniv sent me this very
strong collection of material before telling me what the
price was. And I know very well that my thoughts on this
material are probably different because of that.

So, let's deal with that "elephant in the room." First, I
wish I could say that I there's absolutely no material
that's worth this much money. I wish I could say that
nothing is worth this high cost. I'd be a hypocrite if I
said that, though. If I packaged the club act that I'm
performing right now, the one that I've been performing for
years and honing and making a reputation on, I would most
certainly charge $1000 for it, even though some of it uses
marketed materials. I know some have sold their act for far
less and if that's the value to them, fine. To me, it's
worth that much and I'd do it to keep the exclusivity.

Indeed, exlusivity is why the price is what it is. And only
50 of these will be sold, so that sort of makes it obvious.
Some may remember that Jerome Finley charges $1000 for one
of his e-books. Paul Vigil charges that much for a
brilliant card act that he still performs. Unquestionably,
they wanted to keep it exclusive. For that, the price is
understandable, but whether or not it's worth that much to
any performer is entirely individual and subjective.

So, let's put that issue of the cost aside and I'm going to
present what I wrote about this before I found out that
price. And, before you ask, if I did not already have a
solid and tested act, if this was the type of material that
fit my persona and style, and if I could afford it, I would
indeed consider investing in this.

TELEPATHY REPORT is a collection of thoughts and routines by
Yaniv Deautsch, who is the creator of THE WIZARD IS DEAD.
If you're familiar with his previous release, or other
releases of his, then you know what to expect. This is a
strong collection by a professional who is revisiting
classic routines and ideas, and coming up with solid,
practical, inspiring ideas which often improves and enhances
the effect or experience. I found myself revisiting several
of his routines and ideas as they really caught my attention
and several of his ideas really piqued my interest as ones
that I will want to work into my repertoire.

I must also mention that English is not Yaniv's first
language and I got the impression that, due to this, some of
the pieces could have been explained perhaps more
thoroughly. Someone else edited this, so I feel that
everything is clear enough. Any minor errors, omissions, or
awkward explanations certainly didn't distract me from
understanding the material. I only mention this to be
informative so that you understand the brevity and
awkwardness of his writing style.

A more important consideration though is that Yaniv is
releasing this 143 page e-book in a very limited edition of
only 50. This means that by the time you read this it may be
sold out. The contents described in the blurb are pretty
accurate. If the description of the contents pique your
interest, then you'll probably find this release useful.

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Yaniv Deautsch