Stephen A. Yachanin

Two volunteers are handed a card containing 80 words (no
repeats). Each volunteer is asked to mentally select a word
(free choice). The volunteers mentally spell their words as
you attempt to sense any reactions they have to the letters.
Silently focusing on one of the letters, each volunteer is
asked to think of a new word beginning with that letter.
This process is repeated two more times, making it
impossible for anyone to have any idea of the final words in
the minds of the volunteers.

You ask the volunteers to concentrate on their final word
selections as you write your impressions on the back of your
business card. Only after you have placed the business card
on the table do you instruct the volunteers to announce the
words they have in their minds and have one of them turn
over the business card. The words on the business card match
the volunteers� words!

- Nothing written down
- No fishing
- No switches
- No secret writing
- One or two volunteers
- Fits in your wallet

Includes U.S., UK, Canadian, and Gender-Friendly versions*

You will receive a PDF file which contains the manuscript
and images of the fronts and backs of the cards which can be
printed on your printer. This does not come with the cards.

I will make every effort to send the PDF file to your email
address within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Please
contact me if you do not receive your purchase within that

�I love the whole process from beginning to end and laymen
won't have a clue how you did it... Putting this together
is pure genius and incredible thinking by the creator. Best
pocket trick I have seen in years! Highly recommended!"
- Doug Canning

"... I think many will love having your list in their
wallets and it will prepare them to have a strong mentalism
effect at hand..."
- Greg Arce

�Isn't it a shame, sort of, that we never got to experience
the effect performed for us, because this is a thing of
terrifying beauty, if I may steal a phrase."
- Bobby Warren

* "Thought Association Card" is unsuitable for non-English
speaking volunteers.

This is a wonderful exploration of a very old principle. In
brief, it's the classic "Grey Elephant in Denmark" effect
revisited and turbo-charged for the 21st century. Yachanin
presents his original version and then well over a dozen
contributors provide their insightful ideas and routines,
including Ray Noble, Arnon Sincoff, Greg Arce, Doug Canning,
and Joshua Quinn.

This downloadable PDF is 82 pages long. The initial book is
33 pages. That includes the basic presentation and some
variatons, plus the pics of the card (which you must
reproduce yourself using desktop publishing). Then there is
a 22 page supplement following by a 27 page second

That initial version has some considerations as it requires
participants to be familiar with NFL teams. However, the
many variations that follow provide alternatives that allow
this to be done with all genders, as well as versions that
can be done in other English speaking countries. As the
blurb states, this will not work with non-English speakers.

Being familiar with the Joshua Quinn effect that inspired
this (and which is quite different than this), Yachanin has
sort of reinvented the wheel as he has essentially re-worked
the classic "Gray Elephant in Denmark" effect, as mentioned
above. It is surprising that this fact was not mentioned in
his manuscript. However, also as stated, Yachanin and
others have evolved this and made it much more contemporary.

Part of the issue with the aforementioned classic is that it
is well-known and this new PDF explores new options to use
that aren't quite as recognizable. Although, for me, and I
know many may disagree, I think it's somewhat of a cheat to
have someone think of three items and then only name one of
them, especially when experienced mentalists can come up
with many ways to do that. The classic GEID reveals all
three and is, to me, much stronger for it. But it's fairly
simple to construct a version of the THOUGHT ASSOCIATION
CARD in which all three thought-of items are revealed.

That said, this is a terrific bargain at $15, a welcome
study of an old principle, and well-worth checking out and
adapting to your needs.

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