Sean Goodman
Suggested Retail Price: $45

Magic Direct presents Sean Goodman's Tick Tock. Two watches
are handed to two spectators to examine. Each spectator
unclicks the crown of their watch and turns it - the hands
spin freely and fairly. The watches are now held face down
and each spectator turns the crown until they feel the urge
to stop - the crown is now clicked in place, the time is
set. The times on both watches match. Perfect!!!

Clean direct magic that is easy to perform and different -
packs small but plays BIG. Instantly reset.

Tick Tock by Sean Goodman can also be performed so the
matching times are different after each performance. Tick
Tock comes complete with the necessary watches and
comprehensive DVD which offers alternative time matching
scenarios with cards and coins (cards and coins not

Two watches. Two spectators. One time - the time to let your
audience experience the magic that is Tick Tock!

"Thank you for releasing Tick Tick there are soooo many
possibilities for stage work with it too"
Paul Stockman

This is a powerful and unique mentalism effect. Let me be
frank, though. This routine is, at its core, a basic billet
routine, only it uses small pocket watches that are just a
bit bigger in diameter than a quarter. This means that this
involves some basic billet work (or, for those with magic
backgrounds, one can equate it with basic coin work), but
don't worry. It is not difficult to do and you may
already know similar work which will make this easy for you
to do right out of the box, so to speak.

The batteries have been removed from the watches, which are
included, so they should last quite a long time. They are
ordinary nurses-style watches and are completely examinable
by the participants. Also, this is easily repeatable and
different times can certainly be used for each performance.

One thing I will note is that, though the work taught is not
difficult, I prefer to use different work. But that was to
fit my style and it's certainly not necessary. (Those that
purchase this can certainly ask and I'll tell you what I use

Having two examinable watches set to random times that turn
out to match is a terrific plot. It's not necessarily a new
one, but this version makes it incredibly practical and
portable. Also, compared to what's in most mentalists'
sets, it's probably quite unique. And, though the watches
are small, it certainly can be done on the stage with proper
presentation. The DVD package includes the watches and an
instructional DVD that contains a few other variations which
should open your creative mind in coming up with others.
Unless you're completely opposed to learning the type of
basic work this involves, this is definitely and highly