David Moses & Iain Dunford

TPR explores a new system for giving Readings. It's
two-books-in-one, written by David Moses and Iain Dunford
for the mentalism community. There's not too much more we
can tell you without giving away the powerful content at the
heart of this original approach to giving readings and
reading minds.

"F**king Great"
- Michael Weber

"I think it is one of the best books on readings that I have
ever read!"
- Millard Longman

"I love what you guys sent me and that's despite being kind
of sick of new reading systems!"
- Bill Cushman

As you might surmise, this is another reading system and it
is quite inventive. Unfortunately, other than saying that
the book is 89 pages, there's not much more I can say
without giving away "the powerful content at this original
approach." I'll try, though.

From the title, you should be able to correctly guess that
it has something to do with paper. I'll also tell you that
if you do center tears, or work with peek methods similar to
ones made famous by Al Mann and Dr. Bill, this reading
system will naturually fit right in with that. There is a
bit of memorization, but it's much easier than tarot or
palmistry, though probably a tad more complex than Dunford's
own AEIOU reading system.

I suppose if there's any considerations it's the ad claim
that this is two books-in-one. I think that's stretching
it. The second book, PAPERVIEWING, is really just more
ideas to use with TPR and calling it a second book is
stretching it. However, that has everything to do with
marketing and formatting and little to do with the quality
of the content.

Sure, there are a lot of really great reading systems out
there, but because, as I said, this one naturally fits in
with work that most mentalists do, it is one that I highly
recommend checking out.

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