Dani Da Ortiz
Suggested Retail Price: $35

Receive killer reactions with this diabolical deck and
concept. You will be able to perform one highly deceptive
location effect by three entirely different methods. This
exclusive deck does all the work for you, it's 90% hands off
magic and no special skill required!

What sets Triple Intuition apart from other card effects is
the mixing of techniques in one card show. Dani has designed
a deck that appears normal and random at every turn, but
hides a secret that allows the Magician to know selected
cards and where they are in the deck.

Dani combines this preparation in the deck with a clever
stack that allows you to reveal selections at thought-of
numbers, from shuffled packets, and more. Best of all, the
effect does not require any special skill or sleights. For a
formal close-up show, Triple Intuition is one of THE most
powerful closing effects! Master magicians such as Christian
Engbloom of the Fat Brothers have been using this tried and
true effect to close their performances for years.

What a powerful effect! I fell in love with this instantly.
It's an incredible three-phase effect that just flat out
looks impossible. And it's one of those effects that could
play as mentalism, mental magic, or magic, depending upon
your presentation.

The blurb doesn't quite describe the basic routine, so let
me fill in that info. Three cards are selected by three
different participants and put back in the deck. One
participant now deals the cards FACE UP onto the table (all
these cards are shown to be different) until that person
decides to stop. It's an absolutely free choice. The card
at the stopped point becomes an indicator card. The value
of that card is used to indicate the number of cards now
dealt and first selected card is incredibly at that

The performer does not touch the cards and has the second
person pick up the deck. That person uses a digit freely
chosen and counts the cards FACE UP until the card at that
number is reached. That card is revealed and it is the
second person's card.

The deck is now picked up by the third person who deals the
cards face down and stops whenever that person wants to
stop. They can choose either the card on the stack on the
table or the card on the remainder of the deck in the hand.
Whichever, they choose that card is revealed to be the third
and final chosen card.

Here's what's important: This routine uses no sleights at
all. The setup of the deck does most of the work for you.
The only handling comes in having the cards returned to the
deck and it is quite easy to do. It involves cutting the
cards in specific places. After that, it's pretty much
self-working. The only real work is audience management.

The packaging on this is rather unusual. It comes with the
necessary Bicycle deck, which can easily be replaced if
necessary as it has one very significant alteration, and a
DVD. The DVD contains a performance of the effect, plus two
others, but you don't get the usual discussions by th
creators discussing the methods. Instead, you have to print
out the PDF.

I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the two other effects
on the DVD. They can certainly be presented as mentalism,
but they require more work both in term of sleights and
mental work. The title effect, which is the first
presented, is by the far the best. I've already fried quite
a few groups with this. Highly recommended.