Fraser Parker
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True Mysteries is a book/DVD combo containing breakthrough
principles, which when applied to your existing repertoire,
elevates the magic you perform beyond the boundaries of what
is considered possible without hypnosis.

True Mysteries will give you incredible demonstrations of
propless mentalism that can be used throughout your
performances to blow people's minds! Whether you are a
magician or a mentalist, you will learn something that you
will want to use right away.

Imagine being able to remove your participant's ability to
Imagine being able to take away your participant's strength
Imagine being able to make your participant stuck to
whatever they're holding
Imagine being able to plant playing cards in your
participant's mind
Imagine being able to change your participant's personal
beliefs in God!

The seeming ability to achieve all of the above is now
possible WITHOUT the need for hypnosis, stooges or instant
stooges. The DVD contains over 2 hours of content including,
as a bonus, Fraser Parker's personal hands-off solution to
the legendary Berglas Effect (any card at any number).

As well as the instructional DVD, you receive the full
reformatted version of Fraser's now impossible to find book
(also called True Mysteries), which explains even more
effects and work.

There is also a bonus eBook on the disc which contains some
never before seen material from Fraser's repertoire.


With great power comes great responsibility. Performer
discretion is imperative when utilizing the principles
taught on this disc; some of the effects may cause distress
to some audiences.

Total running time Approximately: 105 minutes.
Book includes Appromimately: 51 pages.

Even if you are one of the lucky few to have Fraser Parker's
original e-book of the same, this DVD/book combo features
new material. If you are one of the luckier few who
appreciate and use the material, you won't mind
"double-dipping" and buying this, as well. This is packaged
like a DVD with a beautiful full color 50+ page book bound
in the DVD case like liner notes.

I have to stress, and it is also stressed in the very
beginning of this DVD, that this is NOT a collection of
effects. If you're buying this for the effects, you will be
disappointed. This is a collection of principles,
subtleties, and techniques that one inserts into other
routines, be they mentalism or magic. Many of these ideas
are easy-to-do, but quite bold and require an experienced
and confident performer to really sell them.

Most of these techniques can be categorized as
pseudo-hypnosis, although one can argue that the dual
reality and verbal manipulation is really what stage
hypnosis is all about anyway. But I won't get into
discussions on those issues here. I mention this only
because it's important to know what categories this material
fits in to determine whether it will fit your style.

I'm also not going to address the question of whether these
techniques are truly practical. The DVD has real world
performances on it which should, in and of itself, give you
that answer. The question really is whether the material,
which is rather bold, suits your style.

Also, each technique has additional commentary that is given
as it is being performed. For material like this, that is
an incredibly useful feature.

I suppose that, if you want a comparison, the material here
is closest in style to Kenton Knepper. If you're a fan of
his stuff, you'll like this very much. The material here
may not be for everyone, but it's definitely fascinating
stuff and, though I may not use it, I'm certainly happy I'm
adding this to my collection as it information well worth