The Ultimate CD Prediction Kit comes with all the parts you
need to put together your own Ultimate CD Prediction
illusion - a self-working mini portable illusion that allows
you to reveal a prediction with a pre-recorded CD. Predict
the News healines, lottery numbers, final score for Super
Bowl, and more! This is the perfect tool to gain publicity.

Your spectator keeps the disk.
Your spectator puts the CD in the player.
Your spectator hits play.
The prediction is revealed for everyone to hear.
The design is self-contained and self-working, so you can
focus 100% on the presentation.
If you want the perfect finalle for mentalism or magic show,
stop looking. THIS IS IT.

* All custom made parts included
* Supply your own portable CD player

"I cannot think of a stronger way to finish a show than
- Craig Petty

"I gotta say, I REALLY like this!"
- David Penn

Will Tsai has been making and selling these devices for
hundreds of dollars. But now all you have to do is buy this
kit and you can make it yourself. It does require some
gluing, taping, and spray painting. Following the
directions, it would probably take you an hour or so (not
counting the time it takes to purchase the machine).

The CD player in not included. The recommended model is by
RCA (RCD3379 Black). I did a search and, at the time of
this writing, was not available through Amazon, though I did
find it in the $80 price range on other sites. You could
certainly use other models, and Will Tsai explains what
models to use, but then you may have to customize the
gimmicks a bit more.

As to the finished product and the effect, it is very easy
to do. You send a CD in a sealed envelope to the event's
organizer well before the event. During the performance,
the organizer (or whoever you have chosen) brings up the
envelope. The envelope is unsealed, the CD removed, and it
is placed in the player. The participant can press play.
The audio which is heard incredibly reveals events of that
day. Afterwards, the CD can be given out as a souvenir.

Aside from the electronics involved in the workings of the
CD player, there is no expensive gimmickry. The secret
relies on a very old principle and a secret "move" that is
all done automatically by the specially prepared CD player.
That move is accomplished simply by pressing the lid of the
CD player over the CD to play it. And that's all I'll say
about that.

Except for the CD player, the package includes the special
materials needed to customize the CD player. You'll also
need to get various glues and spray paints for the one-time
preparation in making the player. If you're the type to
enjoy or, at least not mind, constructing stuff, and you
like prediction effects, then this is definitely recommended.

Will Tsai