Paolo Cavalli

Paolo Cavalli's initial work - out of print for years,
available again NOW!


Acidus Novus Streamlined Description

"I found Radarama to be very interesting and thought
stimulating. It is really well thought out and I appreciate
it very much. I was quite impressed with your variation on
the PATEO process. I like the ideas in the book test and the
misdirection on Prophetic Dreams (Prophetriter) is
- Richard Osterlind

"I like your reasoning in your book test presentation,
especially the 'Does that word mean something special...'
part. Good thinking! Your Psychometrack effect is excellent.
However knowing how little effort many people actually
invest in their craft, that routine is likely to remain
'hidden in print' for all but a dedicated few."
- Lee Earle

"I thought the book was a great idea generator. You
definitely put your own sneaky twist on the material you
create. Keep it up. Mentalists can use creativity such as
yours. Even us old guys."
- Larry Becker

"I very very much enjoyed the book and it has left me with
ideas spinning in my head ..."
- Luke Jermay

"A GREAT book. Just the magazine test or the handling on the
PATEO force worth the entire price of the manuscript. The
idea for the duplication drawing is beautiful too. Every
routine has something ..."
-Enrique Enriquez

"In my opinion, each routine in this book is a little
masterpiece, crafted in every detail, limiting to the bare
essential the need for sleight of hands and maintaining the
performance free from empty moments."
- Tony Binarelli

These are brand new handsome editions of Paolo Cavalli's
e-books which have been unavailable for quite some time now.
If you've not discovered the work of Paolo Cavalli (famous
for his presence on the Magic Cafe under the name of "Lord
of Horses"), this is an excellent time to start. Paralabs
is re-releasing all of his published work in these new
editions, including a two-volume set of unpublished work.

UPSILON is the first in the series. It's a 6" x 9",
100-page softbound book. The contents are listed above.
The variety of effects listed vary in terms of being
close-up, parlour, stage, and walkaround, so there should be
something for everyone here. More specifically, the routines
involve business cards, drawings, Tarot cards, pendulums,
and playing cards.

If you already have UPSILON as an e-book, I urge you to buy
this new edition and support Paolo. If you don't, then this
is another time when I must state that I will envy you at
the delight you will have discovering the very clever
material and thinking within these pages. Definitely

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