Read Minds like an Actual Mind Reader Would!

Zodiac Revolution was just that-a revolutionary way to
perform the classic Zodiac sign effect invented by Bob
Farmer and popularized by Ray Grismer, T.A. Waters and
others. The original routine was featured on Richard
Osterlind's popular DVD set, No Camera Tricks.

Now we have made significant changes to this already-great
routine with Zodiac Revolution Plus. With the materials
supplied, all memory work has been eliminated and the
working has been streamlined to make it that much more
direct and at the same time, incredibly easy to do!


You walk out on stage and ask six members of the audience to
stand and, showing them a beautiful full-color Zodiac Sign
Chart, you ask each to simply think of their Zodiac sign.
Picking up a clipboard, you ask the group just a few
questions. With nothing more than that, you name all six
signs! Then, as a show-stopping follow-up, you pick out one
person and write their exact birthday on the paper!

Remember, you can do this anywhere! There is no pre-show
work, no electronics and no accomplices. With just a few
questions, directed to the entire group, you get all six
signs...just like that! And, for the finale, you either
verbally announce, or write down on your paper, one person's
exact birthday! We have also included advanced ideas to hide
the actual secret.

In the Zodiac Revolution Plus outfit, you'll receive a
comprehensive booklet explaining every nuance of the full
Zodiac Revolution Plus routine, greatly expanded from the
original Zodiac Revolution booklet, a beautiful 11 X 17
Zodiac Chart printed on heavy stock that folds flat for
convenient storage and transport, and a special template for
you to prepare your "secret something" for actual

And, the most amazing thing is you will be able to do this
miraculous and advanced routine as soon as you read the
instructions! There is no memory work or complicated
computing necessary! Add the miracle that is Zodiac
Revolution Plus to your show today!

If you have Richard's NO CAMERA TRICKS DVD set, then you
know what this is. Richard has made this entire routine
simple and easy to perform. As usual, the instruction
booklet (12-pages, 5.5" x 8.5") contains all the details
that you will need to do this.

What I like about this routine is that is designed to
involve many people, not just one. This makes it much more
suitable to a large audience. Also, with other similar
routines, one had to do a little memorization. With the
materials included, you no longer need to be concerned with
that. Richard supplies a specially designed template (8.5"
by 11") that goes with the papers on your clipboard that
will enable you to do most of the work.

The major consideration with this is your ability to make
the questions being asked of the participant not look like
fishing. Despite what Osterlind suggests, I know that some
may not be as careful with their choice of words as they
should and the effect will be lessened because of it. Also,
experienced pros familiar with this type of process probably
know how to improve the language that Osterlind suggests.

Also, to be completely honest, I must state that I'm not
really fond of Zodiac revelation effects. This, of course,
is my own personal opinion and has nothing to do with the
quality or effectiveness of this routine or product. I only
state this because I must admit to not performing this, nor
wanting to, so I cannot personally relay any experiences on
how good this plays, aside from watching Richard perform
this on his DVD set. I can say that, from what others tell
me, this routine is one that plays much more strongly to
laymen than you may think just from reading about it.

Richard Osterlind always puts out first class stuff and if
this routine is something that interests you, then I know it
will serve you well. The package includes the instruction
booklet, a poster that has all the zodiac signs and symbols
on it, and the template.

Richard Osterlind
Suggested Retail Price: $20